How to Make Nata De Coco and Nata De Coco Dessert

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Simple method of making nata de coco from coconut water and how to make nata de coco dessert. Steps in the preparation of nata from coconut water and preparation of nata de coco dessert.

In about two weeks time you can harvest your nata from coconut water and prepare nata de coco dessert.  Just follow these simple steps:



             wooden spoon

             measuring cup

             measuring spoon

             wide-mouth bottle

             manila paper

             rubber band


             12 cups coconut water

             1 cup refined sugar

             2 tbsp. glacial acetic acid

             ¼ cup nata starter

For supplies and materials, and more information, contact:

                Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI)

                DOST Compound, Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City


Steps in Preparation:

A. To prepare the culture jars:

1. Wash and dry thoroughly all culture jars and other articles to be used in propagating the organisms. If there are no facilities for drying, dry them under the sun in a place relatively free from dust. In the laboratory, place clean jars on a tray and dry in an oven at 200-360 Farenheit for 15 minutes.

2. When dried, cover the jars with a clean manila paper or cheesecloth. Secure the cover of the jars with a string or rubber bands.

B. To prepare the medium

1. Strain the coconut water.

2. Add the sugar and acetic acid.

3. Boil for 10 minutes and let it cool.

4. Add the nata starter and distribute the mixture equally in culture jars to about 2-3 inches deep.

5. Add a piece of ammonium sulfate to each jar for a more rapid growth of the nata.

6. Cover the jars with manila paper and set aside undisturbed for about 12-15 days.

C. To harvest nata

1. After 12-15 days, when nata is more or less one inch thick, pinch nata from jars with a clean fork taking care not to contaminate the liquid which can be used as a starter for subsequent growing of nata. Such liquid is often referred to as “mother liquor.”

D. To prepare the nata de coco dessert:

1. Cut harvested nata into uniform sizes and boil vigorously for 1 minute in an open pan. Boil nata in several changes of water until vinegar odor is removed.

2. Prepare a thin syrup using 1 part sugar to 1 part water. Syrup must be sufficient to immerse all pieces.

3. Bring syrup to boil, add drained nata and simmer in an open pan for 5 minutes. If desired, coloring may be added at this stage.

4. Let nata stand overnight. Cover surface with a wax paper and weigh down with a saucer to have all pieces immersed in the syrup.

5. The next day, drain nata of syrup. Add sugar to syrup using ½ of the amount originally used. Stir to dissolve sugar well and boil for 10 minutes.

6. Add nata and simmer again for 5 minutes. Repeat steps 3-4 until nata is translucent and well penetrated by the syrup. Any flavoring, if desired, may be added at this stage.

7. When ready to pack, drain nata of syrup. Fill sterilized jars with the drained nata.

8. Bring syrup to boil and pour into nata filled jar. Remove the air trapped by inserting a sterilized knife against the sides of the jar.

9. Seal immediately and process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

10. Dry and cool jars completely before applying label

(Source: Food Technology classroom notes)


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