MailChimp vs iContact vs VerticalResponse: Which Email Service is Best?

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The iContact service is great for non-profits, since you'll get a discount with them just for being non-profit in the first place. MailChimp has some great free options, including a never ending trial if you have a real small operation. It can be great fo

Experts tell you that automating simple everyday tasks like managing an email account is absolutely one of the number one ways to save time and frustration.  And there are few things more daunting than trying to do some of the email tasks you’ll often need by yourself line by line every time, such as designing an entire email campaign.


MailChimp is a good choice for those just starting out, or who don’t have a lot of money to spend and have only a small email list still.  Their registered under the Rocket Science Group.



No Send Limits on Monthly Plans

Free for Up to 2,000 Subscribers- There is a limit of 12,000 emails per month if you go with the free version.

Free Drag and Drop Editor

Free Email Beamer-Send emails directly to an automated account to get a campaign going without even logging in.

Geolocation tag (free)

-“TimeWarp” Time Zone Scheduler- This feature allows you to actually warp time in order to send out emails that will hit everyone at the same time but accounting for time zone. So they’ll get it at 5 PM, their time, for example, which could be different for each subscriber based on where they are.

-Delivery Doctor-Check your emails ahead of time to prevent them from getting stuck in spam filters. This is for paid subscribers only.

-RSS Feed to Email-Automatically inform subscribers of new blog posts.

-Choose Email Recipients based on;

  • Member Rating
  • Subscriber Activity
  • Location


Select "Send Based on Recipient's TimeZone" in the Mailchimp screen, and then click "Schedule Campaign." This will alter your email send times automatically based on receipient time zone.

Look for the yellow "!" symbol to fix problems and make sure your emails pass spam filters with Delivery Doctor


The iContact team is a favorite for non-profits and other businesses. Their service emphasizes the partnership approach rather than seeing customers as just customers. They’ve won awards form Website Magazine, International Customer Management Institute, and the Best Mass Email Application Award in 2010 and 2011.


-Free Sales Team Chat

-HTML MessageCoder- Import HTML from a template directly if you know how.

-Message Builder: Drag and Drop creation tool lets you make messages fast.

-Total Compatibility-The iContact team tests all templates against all major email clients

-600+ Templates

-Social Media Support-You can schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, and linked in from your account as well.

-20% Discount to Non-Profits-You have to send a 501 form into the site in order to confirm non-profit status, but if you qualify then you can get the discount. North Carolina is an exception.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response tends to be a bit cheaper, especially in high volumes than other brands. They  have won awards from places like Deloitte and the “Dream Big” award among others. They market to small businesses with high volume email lists. Call 1.866.683.7842 for customer support.


-800,000 Users Worldwide

-700+ Templates

-Combine Email and Event Marketing

-Massive Integration: Vertical Response has integration with sites like;

  • SyncApps
  • Google App-The VerticalResponse app has actual presence inside your Google Apps dashboard.

-Free Marketing Guides: These include over 100 short videos that show you how to get started with your marketing campaign.

-Free Webinar-The people at VerticalResponse host regular webinars a few times per month

You can sign up for free Webinars right from the VerticalResponse page.

Head to Head


VerticalResponse seems to have the most professional templates at 700+, though the sites are all around that range. Mailchimp seems to have the most extra features in general with their TimeWarp and Delivery Doctor and so on. 






It was important to find an email marketing provider that would also be a partner, and I feel confident that we’ve found that in iContact.

-Ted Kaiser, Kids Help Phone