Mailboxes Etc a Collection of Various Post Box Designs and Colors

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Mailboxes, Etc

Some interesting mailboxes, nothing more.

U.S. Mail Box, Rural Route Edition

 The basic Postmaster General approved rural route issue mailbox, unpainted and covered with patina from years of exposure to the weather

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Your typical, basic Post Master General Approved standard rural-issue mailbox. Except for the neat patina due to years of exposure in the elements, -its pretty much just yawn…

Newark, New Jersey American Pride

 Postal drop-box in Newark, New Jersey USA painted in the colors and design of the American Flag, with patriotic designs

Image Source

This is more typically seen in towns celebrating their centennial, sesquicentennial (150 yrs.) or bicentennial. I’m actually a little but surprised that the USPS sanctions their mailboxes to be anything other than the legislated colors of Navy Blue. Postal Drop Boxes are Government property after all, subject to all the boring rules and regulations of standard size, color, placement, etc. But I like the variation shown here.

Colors of the Palette

 colorful residential mailboxes painted in brilliant alternating colors

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These look like houses in Newfoundland, Canada. There, it is more typical to paint houses in non-typical colors. Especially note-worthy if the houses are side-by-side. The colors are splendid and appealing.

R2-D2 Drop-Boxes

 Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

 Postal Drop-Box in Santa Fe, New Mexico, painted in colors and design like R2-D2 from STAR WARS

Image Source

You Know, -Juneau!

Postal drop-box painited like R2-D2 from the movie STAR WARS

Juneau, Alaska USA

Image Source

These R2-D2 USPS Mail Boxes are cropping up in various states; Alaska, New Mexico, California, Georgia, etc. Don’t believe me? I find your lack of faith disturbing. Check out the link (above) to see the invasion of the R2 units.

I know some Star Wars fans (and one avid fan in particular) that would love to have one of these! Quick R2! –Shut down the garbage disposal unit on the detention level! –Shut down the garbage disposal unit on the detention level! Hurry!

Flower Power

 rural route postal mailbox with tulips and flower designs painted on the side

Image Source

Here is an example of some homeopathic decoration and adornments to a private postal box.

@Hotmail Mailbox

 postal rural route box with elaborate flames painted on box, like a hotrod car

Image Source

Now this is rather clever. At least, the “hotmail” slogan by the image author. I saw a private citizen’s yard that had a several mailboxes. The first one, a standard U.S. Postmaster General Approved version, labeled “First Class Mail.” Next to it was a beat-up rusty mail box labeled “Second Class Mail.” Next, a round metal tube on a pole labeled “Circulars.” Beside it, a sawed-off wooden beam about half the normal height and labeled “Partial Post” (“Parcel Post”). The next mailbox to its side was a galvanized trash can labeled “Junk Mail” and beside that, a very tall pole with a mailbox about 25-feet up in the air. That one had an arrow pointing upwards, labeled “Special Delivery.”

I Am Canadian!

Canadian postal drop-vox with signature maple leaves and Canada Post logo

Image Source

Well, not really but I am quite familiar with the distinctive red Post boxes and logo of the Canada Post. This one is decked out very nicely in the deco of the sugar maple leaf, the national emblem.

Corpus Christi, Texas

old rural route mailbox that looks like an old tin-covered barn

Image Source

Rustic, original. I like this one. Would not change a thing. This would go for a mint on or

You May Be a Redneck If…

mailbox in the country, attached to a car motor

Image Source

This could be part of a Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine.

Japanese Mailbox

A red Japanese Postal drop box

Image Source

This mail box bears a disturbing resemblance to a fire hydrant. I wonder if they have problems with kerrs relieving themselves upon these? Eww!

Stamps Commemorating Post Boxes

Royale English Postale Stamps

Image Source

So, which came first? The Post Box or the stamp? Royal Mail Special Stamps “Pillar to Post” issue, debut: October 8th, 2002.

Don’t Go Postal!

This video with its laugh tracks clearly, without a doubt, is a skit. I know that it is. I think that it might be. Well I’m not sure… but it is disturbing to say the least.

We’ve Got Mail!

mailbox with a child inside, peeking out

Image Source

That is so cute! Aww…

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