Magical Items of the Drizzt Novels: Part 2

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This is the second installment of the list of the magical items from the Legend of Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore. Khazid'hea or Cutter, Catti-brie's sentient sword etc. One of the things that make the Drizzt novels so compelling are the magical items th

This is the second list in a series of magical items from the Drizzt Novels by RA Salvatore set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Published by Wizards of the Coast, the Drizzt novels are by far the most popular of the hundreds of Forgotten Realms books.


The sword, also called Cutter, is a Sentient  Long sword that makes it's first appearance in Starless Night the eighth book of the Drizzt novels. The sword can cut through metal, stone and bone as if were all cheese. The sword uses telepathy to entice its wielders into frenzied battle regardless of type or numbers of opponents. Also it doesn't distinguish between friend or foe, its taste for blood is never truly satisfied. The sword itself does not posses an evil weal so much in that it is a blood thirsty weapon that desires battle above all else.

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The sword was originally possessed by Dantrag Baenre who was then the Weapon master of house Baenre.  Dantrag was felled by Drizzt and the sword changed the appearance of its pommel to that of a unicorn, the symbol of the goddess Mieliki, hoping to entice Drizzt to wield it. Khazid'hea desires to be wielded by only the most powerful warriors and it had heard Drizzt's name often. preferring the scimitar, Drizzt gave Cutter to Catti-Brie who was able to dominate its will and the pommel turned into the image of a panther. It was later stolen by Delly Curtie and taken out of Mithril Hall. The sword forced her to attack some orcs and she was subsequently killed. Drizzt recovered the sword and used it in his attack on Obould where he lost it when it became stuck in the orc kings heavily enchanted armor. Another Drow To'sun recovered it but eventually he surrendered it to Drizzt who then gave it to the elves of the Moon Wood for study and disposition.

Decent approximation of what Khazid'hea might have looked like when Dantrag Beanre still possessed it.

Bracers of the Blinding Strike 

At the same time Drizzt took Khazid'hea from Dantrag Beanre, he took the weapon masters magical bracers which accounted for Dantrag's blindingly fast attacks. unlike the sword he kept these for himself. After several attempts to reconcile his fighting style to the extra speed lent by the bracers, Drizzt decided to wear them on his ankles instead of his wrists. This allowed Drizzt to run at high speeds and jump greater distances than he would have without them. These also made their first appearance in Starless Night the eighth book of the Drizzt novels.

Image of a set of bracers, not as Salvatore may have intended, but a nice set of bracers.

The magical locket to find Drizzt.

The locket makes its first appearance in The Halfling's Gem The third book published in the Drizzt saga and the sixth book in the legend of Drizzt series. Given to Bruenor Battlehammer by the Lady of Silverymoon, Alustriel he used it to track Drizzt across the realms. The locket grows warm when the direction to Drizzt is accurate and grows warmer still as one grows nearer to him. It is not given in the books why the great Lady of Silverymoon made the locket but we get the idea that it had something to do with her feelings for him. Catti-Brie later takes the locket without her fathers knowledge, in Starless Night, to follow Drizzt back to his homeland of Menzoberronzan.

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Artist rendering of the image in the magical locket.

Circlet of Starlight Sight

Also from Starless Night, Catti-Brie goes to Silverymoon to seek help from Alustriel in finding Drizzt who has left Mithril Hall. She is led to the cave where Drizzt had emerged so many years ago and given the Circlet of Starlight Sight with the explanation that walking through the underdark under the light of a burning torch is a bad idea. The Circlet not only enhances ambient light, of which there is very little but it allows the wearer to see in total darkness by giving the surfaces of the caverns a starlight quality. It essential acts as the fantasy fiction equivalent of modern night vision goggles.

Best  image of a circlet that approximates Catti-Brie's item that I could find.

Agatha's Mask

The mask makes its first appearance in the Halfling's Gem. As Drizzt and Wulfgar are leaving the Harpell's mansion they are told of the mask and it is suggested that Drizzt might make better time across the realms if he were hiding the true nature of his Drow heritage. Drizzt doesn't like the idea but for the sake of his kidnapped friend Regis, they decide to take the wizards advice. They journey to the small village of Conyberry only to find that the mask is in the possession of Agatha the banshee. The villagers beg Drizzt not to kill the banshee as she is something of a local legend and gives the small community a small bit of local fame. Drizzt and Wulfgar agree and manage to procure the mask without destroying the Banshee. Drizzt uses the mask effectively by appearing as a surface elf, and books passage on the Sea Sprite, a pirate hunting vessel out of Waterdeep for the long journey south. During a heated battle with three pirate ships, the mask slips and Drizzt's Drow heritage is revealed to the crew of the Sea Sprite. Again facing rejection, Drizzt's bravery and courage are rewarded when the crew accepts him for who he is based on his heart and not the color of his skin.

Later in The legacy, Artemis Entreri uses the mask to infiltrate Mithril Hall disguised as Regis and separates Drizzt from the Hall that he might be captured by the Drow raiding party that came to claim him. Still later in Starless Night, Catti-brie uses the mask to appear as a Drow priestess to get by a large group of goblins in the underdark and blend in while moving around in the Drow city of Menzoberronzan. 

Something like this but I envisioned it being soft and pliable.

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