MacPaw vs. MacKeeper vs. Detox My Mac: Top Mac Cleaning Software Reviewed and Compared

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MacPaw is the best option for those who want to get some input into program design since it has the “suggest a feature” option. MacKeeper is ideal for those who don’t mind spending a little extra and taking a chance for the best support around. Deto

It’s important to keep your Mac clean in order for it to function at its best. Here are a few programs that can help you clean out your Mac so that you can keep the computer running smoothly, including how they compare against one another.


MacPaw has a number of Mac cleaning apps and programs available with their most famous probably being CleanMyMac 2. You can call them at 877-562-2729 for support questions.


  • Norton Secured-The site is secured regularly with Norton to ensure that it’s safe for consumers to navigate through and get programs from.
  • BBB Accredited-This means the site has been approved by the government agency called the Better Business Bureau as safe for consumers. MacPaw has received an A rating from them. This isn’t the highest rating possible, but it’s high enough to indicate the company deals well with consumer complaints.
  • Suggest a Feature-If you click on the “Support” area in the top menu bar of MacPaw, you can see the “Suggest a Feature” option under the various available programs. This indicates that MacPaw actually pays attention to what its users want in software. The area lets you vote on features others have already suggested, or add your own.
  • Free Download-You can try out programs like Clean My Mac 2 for free to see if you like them.
  • Gemini Duplication Cleaning-The Gemini software looks through your Mac for duplicate files and deletes them quickly. You can often add this software on top of the Clean My Mac 2 program for around $7 more or so.
  • Variety of Billing Methods-The site lets you use credit card, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Check, Money Order or even a Wire Transfer, which is fairly unique.



  • Live Chat-The Live Chat option on MacKeeper is easy to navigate to quickly because you can just use the “Support” tab right at the top of the main website. It does require you to enter your name and email address to access, however.
  • 24/7 Phone Line-You can call their phone line at literally any time, toll free, with whatever questions you might have.
  • Remote Support Option-In addition the other support options, you can even download the remote support tool so you can give an operator temporary access to your computer so they can see for themselves what the problem with the software might be. It’s obviously important to be careful with this and to make sure the operator doesn’t do anything you don’t like, but it can be useful for those who feel overwhelmed.
  • Smart Uninstaller-MacKeeper helps clean your Mac by doing more thorough uninstalls than the standard tool on your Mac. The standard tool can sometimes leave traces of the program behind after you uninstall it, which can be a problem.

Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac has solid features for a low price.


  • Support-The main way to contact Detox is through a listed email address. They don’t seem to have phone or chat options available.
  • Licenses Never Expire-Some programs make you buy them again year after year, but the one at Detox My Mac Pro never expires, it’s a Lifetime license.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days-This is definitely a bit longer than many other similar guarantees. You get a full 2 months to decide if you like the software, and if you don’t you can get all of your money back.
  • TRUSTe and Norton Secured-Both of these services work together to make sure the site is secure for your transactions.
  • DS-Store Cleaning-The software will help you clean useless DS-Store files on your disk and on your system.
  • Clean Logs, Trashes and Caches-The first two are something you can clean with the free version of the software. In order to clean caches, you need the Pro version. The software helps you get rid of user logs, application logs, system logs and other types of logs as well. You can also clean iPhoto trash, you trash bin, your mail trash and other trash cans with one process.

Head to Head


MacPaw has CleanMyMac 2 available for $40. You can get 2 of these licenses for $60, and 5 for $90.

The lite version of MacKeeper is $40. The premium one is $90, and that’s the one you need for the 24/7 call center. The standard one is $60 where you get access to Live Chat. The Premium version also gives you access to a “personal technical geek.”

Detox My Mac Pro is available for $21, though its regular price is around $45, so it’s good to jump on it when it’s at its lower price. This means that Detox My Mac is the cheapest of the three for the most part.


MacPaw has the option to email them directly through a form in the support area of their site. You can even pick what type of problem it is such as “activation problem” or “general question” There doesn’t seem to be any live chat option here though. The Clean My Mac 2 software lets you optimize iPhoto Library, delete large files, manage extensions, fix applications and also fix issues like cache files, log files and so on.

Apple appears to not be especially fond of MacKeeper since they recommend that people not install it. There’s nothing that indicates it’s particularly a problem though, and Apple is known for disliking third party programs. MacKeeper has extensive support options as well including 24/7 phone agents, live chat and even a remote tool. The one down side is that they can be a bit pricey and their software can be tricky to remove. If you use their site to remove the software it should be possible however.

Detox My Mac has a bit of an annoying site since they have a video that just plays as soon as you get there. The site is also kind of hard to navigate with no menu or tabs at the top. It does have 24/7 expert tech support for those who buy the Pro version of the software though, just like MacKeeper does.

Overall, MacKeeper has the most support options, though it’s also the most expensive. 


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Posted on Jan 15, 2016
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