Lucky Number Three (3), Its Meaning for Your Future

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If you find yourself drawn to the Number 3 or if the Number 3 appears spontaneously, your wish for good luck may soon be granted.

photo by Missenscene

Three is a lucky number. It signifies good fortune in the present and the future for the photographer, Missenscene, who happened to find this card on the sidewalk in front of a store-front psychic (see above). Some readings would say this random 3-of-clubs card foretells a complete future with a lucky beginning, middle, end. A tarot reader might comment "The feeling of empowerment this card represents points to the courage it takes to be an entrepreneur or an inventor, which is in itself a magical process -- bringing not only opportunity for success, but also an awakening to higher potentials".  A regular-deck card-reader might comment the 3 of Clubs signifies business pursuits and events with a coming "dynamic" impact on life. Frequently, card readers say, the suit of Clubs identifies self-growth and accomplishment; however some numbered Clubs (but not 3) can be downright unlucky or neutral. 

I read this 3 of Clubs "find"  as a portend of good luck connected to work, creativity and relationships. My reading suggests the photographer will soon find people and events that seem coincidentally to come in "threes" - opportunities, lovers,communications, gifts, money. Perhaps spotting this card and photographing it was not so much of a coincidence as it might appear. After all, the number 3 is highly intuitive and mystical.

Symbolically, the number 3 represents, the cross, the triad, the triangle, and other symbols.You can also find it widely referred to in current times, in games like baseball, for instance,(3 bases, 3 strikes)  and the children's game chant, "Ready, Set, Go."  Some people say "Three's a charm" when trying to conquer a challenge. The lyrics of the popular Frank Sinatra song, "Three Coins in a Fountain," talked about the power of wishes being granted to 3 people throwing coins in a special Fountain. Furthermore, there are three Wise Men, three Little Pigs,Three Sisters, three blind mice, Three Musketeers and even Three Stooges.

Much luck is attached to 3, with  symbolism also found in the Trident  (the Heaven, Air, the Sea) and the lovely Fleur-de-Lis (the flower of light and a symbol of the Trinity). Ancient references reveal the important symbolism of the number 3 in many major religions.

The belief in attaching symbolism to numbers, like 3, is ancient, ascribed to the Babylonians, the Chinese, the Greeks and other cultures. But more recently, it is said worldly philosophers, Bertrand Russell, Hegel, Aquinas and others were attracted to the meaning of mathematics (numbers). The search for the symbolic meaning of numbers in our lives is ongoing - not only when we seek answers to questions in Tarot readings ,in Numerology and other metaphysical predictions.

If you find yourself drawn to the Number 3 or it appearing more frequently in your life than other numbers, understand the deeper meaning this number may have for you and your future. The number "3" may signify progress and enlightenment in your work and career, or even an indication that spiritual (religious or philosophical) enlightenment may help you grow to face your present challenges. "Three" is an empowering number for whatever path you choose to take.

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