Lose 100 Pounds In Less Than A Year: Weight Loss Tips For The Truly Obese

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People who are 100 pounds overweight often feel hopeless and frustrated when trying to lose weight finding that the traditional diets simply don't work for them. Here are some tips that can help them begin to change their eating habits and begin to succes

If you are 80, 100 or more pounds overweight you are probably feeling pretty low and discouraged with yourself, your efforts to lose weight and your life in general.В  Most people think that people who get so grossly overweight simply don't care when nothing could be further from the truth.В 

The truth is that most truly obese people do care that they are overweight and have probably made effort after effort to shed that weight, get healthy and look better.В  If you are like most people who is carrying around a huge amount of extra weight you have probably tried diet after diet and may have even lost, 30, 40, or 50 pounds only to gain all that weight back and more!В  The problem isn't that you lack commitment, the problem is that you simply lack the tools and knowledge to take off all that weight.В  Most weight loss programs, articles, and sites really don't help because they really aren't designed to help those that are truly obese gain the tools to take off 100 pounds or more.В 

So, if you are truly obese, have a lot of weight you would like to lose and really want some tips that work then read on, because after years of being in the same situation as you are I then one day something clicked and I began to develop my own weight loss plan that really works and is simpler and easier than I ever thought possible (I lost 100 pounds in 8 months) and now I want to share some tips that may work for you as well.

Tip 1:Forget About That Diet

Sound crazy?В  Diets are what are crazy, by their very nature diets conjure up short term deprivation of all your favorite foods in an effort to take off weight. Unfortunately, once the diet ends the weight goes right back on and you end up worse off that before. So what you really need to do is forget all about diet and focus on eating healthier and I mean really eating healthier.В  This means that you are going to have to learn a whole new mind set and an entirely new way of cooking.

Tip 2: Make A Weight Loss Plan

If you are going to really lose weight you need to make a plan on how to accomplish this goal. This means keeping a food journal for a week or two and then taking the time to study what you have been eating and think about healthier low calorie foods you can substitue for those higher calorie foods.В  For example: you could cut that 8 ounce steak in half and substitue a cup of fruit for the missing 4 ounces of steak and you will be cutting that one single meal down by 200 calories without cutting back on the amount of food you are eating and be left feeling hungry.

Tip 3- Start With Small Changes

Changing a lifetime of poor eating habits isn’t going to be easy and you aren’t going to be able to do it all at once.В  So start by making small changes one or two at time and get use to those changes before instituting more changes.В 

Tip 4- Don’t even think of Exercising For Until You Have Lost At Least The First 25 pounds

Sure exercise helps to burn calories faster and you will lose more weight.В  But you have to face the fact at 100 pounds or more overweight you probably feel winded just getting dressed in the morning, you don’t need to try and do a bunch of exercises that is going to make you feel like a failure and may lead to heart attack.В 

Instead of actually exercising in the beginning concentrate on changing your eating habits and the types of foods you eat.В  Then try watching those television shows sitting up instead of lying on the bed or couch since you burn more calories sitting than lying down. Even standing 15 minutes more a day will begin helping you to build a little stamina and burn a few calories.В 

Once you have lost some of that weight then you can start with some minor exercise like walking the length of your house or around the driveway a couple of times a day.

Tip 5- Start Investigating New Ways Of Cooking Food

Try baking those fries instead of deep frying them, and roasting those vegetables. Roasting really brings out the flavor and you won’t need to add that butter or any of those sauces people often use.В 

Cut down on sodium becauses that causes you to retain water weight and while water weight isn’t fat it still packs on pounds that you simply don’t need.В 

While there are many more tips you can use to shed all that extra weight you have been carrying around these 5 tips should get your weight loss off to a good start.