Look Great in Photographs Every Time

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Tired of looking awful in photos? Check out these tips.

Photos can be very unforgiving and can emphasize flaws. This can be very disappointing, especially if you’ve taken a lot of trouble to look your best. With just a few simple hints, you can make sure that you look as great in photos as you do in real life.

The most important tip is to be relaxed and look happy. Smiling is vital – just make sure that it’s a real smile – if it looks like you are forcing a smile it will make for a bad photo. Take a deep breathe before the photo is taken to help you relax.

It is also vital to get the lighting right. Logically it seems to be better to have a photo taken in the brightest light possible but bright lights tend to wash out features and cause harsh shadows. You’re also more likely to be scrunching up your eyes against the glare. Overcast days are great for having your photo taken. As for flashes, try not to use one unless absolutely necessary.

Photos that weren’t posed for always seem to turn out better. This is because you are more relaxed and not standing in unnaturally stiff positions. Recreate the natural look by turning your body three-quarters away from the camera, put one foot forward and keep your weight on your back foot. Look at the camera from this stance. This will make you look more natural and also slimmer.

Other ways to look slimmer are:

Posture – your mom was right, stand up straight, shoulders back and tummy tucked in.

Angle – Never face the camera straight on, angle your hips away from the camera. Make sure that the photo is taken from slightly above.

Position – If you have a choice between standing in front or behind someone, stand behind them – the person in front automatically looks bigger.

To get rid of a double chin, always look up at the camera. This lengthens the neck and minimizes the double chin. It also casts a shadow on the double chin and this helps to disguise it.

To minimize a big nose, tilt your head up towards the camera.

A big problem in photos is that “washed out” look. This is caused by the flash being to close to the face. Minimize this problem by taking a step back from the camera and also wear slightly more defined make-up. To define your make-up, add more mascara than normal, fill in your eye-brows and wear a stronger lip color.


Daniel de Villiers
Posted on Jan 25, 2011
Amit Kapoor
Posted on Jan 20, 2011