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Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 Review

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True to its name, the Logitech Classic Keyboard is a throwback to their heritage; a straightforward model requiring no special software, without any extra keys or controls.

The Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 is a basic keyboard model that is very inexpensive, with no bells or whistles installed. It performs no functions besides basic typing and data entry, and provides a lot of comfort while doing so. Selling for just around thirteen dollars on Amazon, this keyboard is ideal for anyone looking for a keyboard simply to type a lot on. Otherwise, it really performs no other tasks. It connects via a USB cord, which I found to be the perfect length from the floor to my desk, about 4 feet. Personally, I like the ability to trust the connection of a wired keyboard compared to a similar basic wireless keyboard.

The keys are spaced out perfectly, and I find that my hands fit the keyboard really well. It’s really comfortable to type on for a long period of time, something that I value a lot in a keyboard. The major downside of this keyboard is the fact that it contains no extra features, like hot keys or volume controls. While I don’t find these necessary for my keyboards, I do like the basic functions like music keys and volume control, as well as maybe a home button and something to launch my web browser.

I like how easy it is to type on this keyboard, as the keys are very responsive and have just the right amount of resistance for typing for a long periods of time. Additionally, the keys are fairly quiet, quiet enough for me to watch movies or videos while writing at the same time. However, I do feel that they could be a little quieter, though I don’t feel that it’s really an issue that takes anything away from the keyboard. In comparison to the basic Dell keyboard (which, admittedly, was free with my computer), I like this one a lot more, simply because the design feels more natural and the keys are much more responsive and comfortable to type on. In comparison to other basic keyboard models that other manufacturers have made, I would say that this one is my favorite.

Logitech has consistently made keyboards that are reliable and very effective at what they are designed to do, and the Classic 200 is no exception. If you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive keyboard to do a lot of typing with, or if you just don’t want to pay extra for a bunch of functions you don’t need, this is the keyboard for you.


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