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Logistics Coordinator Salary, Training & Job Requirements

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Facts and information about the salary, training, education and job requirements, skills and responsibilities of a logistics coordinator.

The main responsibility of a logistics coordinator is to manage the movement of materials in the company. The term ‘logistics’ is used to describe the movement of goods: where they originate, and where they go. 

Responsibilities vary according to industry, company’s structure and complexity. Typically, a logistics coordinator's role falls into one of these standard occupations:

As Logisticians. They analyze and coordinate the logistical functions of a company. They are responsible for the life cycle of a product including acquisition, distribution, internal allocation, delivery and final disposal of resources.

As Shipping-and-Receiving-Goods Clerks. They verify and keep records on incoming and outgoing shipments; and prepare items for shipment.  

In recent times, the role of logistics coordinator has evolved in requiring the use of computers.  With the advances in technology including the internet, they are required to undergo training to keep up with skills and knowledge development, making education a continuing requirement.

Job Roles and Responsibilities of a Logistics Coordinator

In general, the logistics coordinator is responsible for supervising the forklift drivers, coordinating the shipping and receiving of finished goods and raw material to and from the plant and the delivery of raw material and pickup of finished goods.

  • Coordinates daily activities to track location and movement of inventory finished goods and raw materials via rail cars, barges, and trucks - ensuring that goods are shipped in the most timely and efficient manner according to documented processes, including planning the transportation route and payload, selecting the mode of transportation, tendering the order for transportation, and tracking the shipment from pick up through delivery all the while targeting cost reduction, freight savings, service and contractual requirements
  • Provides reports to internal and external customers as required
  • Coordinates with operating department to manage inventory levels at multiple plant locations
  • Ensures compliance with all state, federal, environmental, safety, and hazardous waste regulations
  • Communicates to management fulfilment status and/or issues including demand/supply planning, logistics management, sales and customer service
  • Uses various transportation provider software systems to facilitate material movement planning and scheduling
  • Prepares and updates monthly logistics, schedules to assure deliveries to production locations.
  • Ensures inventory accuracy by coordinating the inventories and goods system to system information with distribution centers to near real time monitoring and other manual inventory and adjustment processes
  • Works closely with providers to assure efficient and effective execution of defined processes and goods transportation
  • Organizes and maintains hard copy and electronic documentation supporting order fulfillment, distribution means, pricing, and contractual obligations
  • Initiates overcharge/undercharge freight bill claims with carriers and tracks reconciliation of the same per regulatory standards
  • Initiates shrink threshold and loss claims with warehouse providers and tracking reconciliation of the same per contract standards
  • Ensures accuracy of physical inventory order sequence by entering inter-company purchase orders and inter-company transfers into the system following defined processes, and also verification of inventory locations and availability for shipment against requirements specified in purchase orders
  • Reviews inventory position daily and weekly against outstanding orders and sales forecasts and takes action to expedite inbound shipments to meet customer demands


Written and oral communication skills.  The logistics coordinator is responsible in providing valuable information to all the appropriate people to make the possible decisions. He or she needs to communicate on a regular basis to appropriate people that relate to the job including customs officers, package receivers, lead hands, clients, and management.

Customer Service. Customer service skills play an important part. This includes face to face meeting with customers, use of telephone and email.

Ability to listen, communicate clearly, and work well with others.

Training, Job Requirements and Educational Qualifications of a Logistics Coordinator

In order to become a logistics coordinator, it is important to understand what the job requires, career advancement opportunities, and potential employers. There are multiple career paths to become a logistics coordinator.

  • Bachelor's degree in a human and health services field preferred, but not required.
  • Licenses and Certifications. This include basic first aid and CPR certification and food handler's permit, if applicable
  • Knowledge and Experience. This include experience working in the outdoor industry, outdoor living experience in ackpacking, minimal rock climbing and sailing experience, if applicable, and the ability to work well under pressure and to deal with people.

Work experience is essential for a logistics coordinator. It is typically obtained through a position as a courier, shipping clerk, package movement technician, or related position. As part of a long-term career plan for instance, people get experience in the front lines of the courier industry for advancement.

Some large multi-national organizations may require higher training and education requirements.  There are community and career college programs to become a logistics coordinator. The length of training and courses are usually two to three years and cover supply chain, shipment management and related industry best practices topics.

Most employers will accept a business diploma or completion of a bachelor of arts (BA) degree as sufficient training to become a logistics coordinator.  At best, the combination of experience and education are central to increasing salary remunerations and career opportunities.

Average Salary Range of Logistics Coordinator (U.S.): $33,000 - $48,000 per year (somewhere within this figure)

In general, the hiring company’s compensation is commensurate to relevant experience and qualifications. Some companies provide good benefit package designed for current needs, especially health plans, career advancement and loan programs.



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