Little Known Trivia and Fun Facts About Italy

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Odd bits of little known trivia and just some plain fun Facts about Italy. The number that brings bad luck, the designer who designed the Air Force uniforms, a restaurant with a long waiting list and other bits and pieces.

1. The pizza as it is today was invented in Naples around the end of 1800s.

2. Italians would never put chicken, pineapple and many of the other extras used around the world on a pizza – not even if you ask for them.

3. Pepperoni is a pepper, not a sausage

Photo courtesy of Mougue Files

4. The Italian flag came from Napoleon Bonaparte and is simply the French Flag with different colors.

5. Italians have to give part of their wages to the church. This is deducted before you get paid! There is no choice and you can not give to another charity.

6. It is believed that Galileo Galilei invented the thermometer.

7. An Italian, Carlo Collodi wrote The Adventures of Pinocchioin 1883.

8. Alessandro Volta, from Como, gave his name to Volts after he invented the battery in 1800.

9. The modern piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori from Padua around 1700.

10. There are two states within states in Italy, the Vatican City and San Marino.

11. There is a part of Italy, Campione d'Italia, that is inside, and totally surrounded by Switzerland.

12. The Fiat car company in Turin have a testing track on their roof.

13. Employees receive a 13th month’s wage around December and in many companies also a 14th around July.

14. Although many say the first laptop computes was in 1980s, in the 1970s Olivetti made “minicomputers”, which were in fact laptops.

15. The first espresso machine was made by Luigi Bezzera of Milan in 1901.

16. Each area in Italy has its own dialect and many elderly people speak only that and very little or no Italian.

17. Children tend to live at home until they get married, so it is not uncommon to find a 42year old “still living with mum and dad”.

18. Italians tend to buy the house or apartment above, below or beside their parents and live there for the rest of their life.

19. You pay tax on the amount of sun your house or shop gets, but if you use an awning, you pay tax on the shade you make.

20. Most Italians feel the need to eat pasta with every meal – they then move on to steak or whatever comes next. If they do not eat pasta, they feel they have not eaten.

21. Marco Polo was the first European to bring spices back from China.

22. Dante was Italian.

23. There is a restaurant in Rome called  "La Parolaccia", which means “The Swear Word” and customers go there to be sworn at, insulted and served food that is not what they ordered. Being treated this way is all part of the service and is why there is a long waiting list to eat there.

24. SPQR, ("Senatus Populusque Romanus" –The senate and population of Rome), is still visible on some buildings, but ca also be seen on many man hole covers.

25. Capodimonte, for years one of the most sought after names in china sculptures, were in fact made by any one who went to the Capodimonte community and not, as the world believed, by one very talented and extremely prolific man.

26. In Italy the number 17 is unlucky.

27. Most swear words involve a certain part of male anatomy, and even wishing someone good luck involves telling them where they should put this item.

28. Although Shakespeare apparently never visited Italy he set many of his plays there.

29. Italian Air Force uniforms were designed by Giorgio Armani.

30. Many airports in Italy are names after famous Italians;

· Pisa, Galileo Galilei Airport

· Venice, Marco Polo Airport

· Bologna, Guglielmo Marconi Airport

· Roma, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, (although this is generally called Fiumicino)

· Parma, Giuseppe Verdi Airport

· Rimini-Miramare, Federico Fellini Airport

· Genoa, Cristoforo Colombo Airport

Photos courtesy of Morgue Files


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