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The unique breed of dogs around the world. The list of rare breed of dog around the world.

These are the lists of unique and rare breeds of dog from around the world. Why they are unique? It’s because of their natural color, hair style, their characteristics and interesting features that makes them different from other domestic dogs.

1. Shar Pei

Look like stuff toy? you can hug it while they are still a puppy, they are cute and hugable features. This breed of dog is unqiue because of its characteristics, having wrinkled skin and black tounge. Extra care and treatment should apply to this dog, so that the gungus and other dog parasite will not grow inside their folds.

2.Chinese Crested

There are two different kinds of Chinese Crested breed, the hairless variety and powderpuff variety. They both have unqiue features different from other breeds. They are made through cross breeding process thats why you can find some of them are hairless and some are not. First set of their teeth are not really permanent, it should pulled out together to have place for the next set of teeth which are the permanent teeth.


This breed of dog is orginated in the middle east, it is known as the oldest breed of pure dog in the world. Its unique because of its long legged and long body sized. They can run faster compare to maximum speed of normal breed of dog, they have top speed of 48 mph or 77 km/h. This dog is known as the royal dog of egypt, where some evidence found in the form of mummies and some are painted image.

4.Bouvier des Flandres

This dog is unique because of its characteristics and features, they are not only unique in appearance but they are also unique for having loyalty to its master. During world war I, this dog used as ambulance and messenger. They are strong to carry heavy weights, the are used to pull a cart, sheep herding and now they have duty as a guard dog. 


They are known for having unique characteristics and features. They have unusual appearance like having short coats, long coats or wire haired coats. How to read their name? sometimes people mispelled or mispronounced their name, it often pronounce as "Doxies" or "Daxies". This breed of dog design to hunt rabbits, badgers and other vermin, as long as they will handled and cared properly. Because of thier unsual feature and ship, commonly they are prone to back and leg problems.


Posted on Sep 1, 2011
Posted on Jul 26, 2011