LinkedIn vs. vs. Indeed: For Employers, Which Job Posting Works Best?

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There are many options that an employer can use for new employees for their job openings and some work better than others. Employers can put a help wanted sign in the window or post a help wanted ad in the newspapers. With so many cities without a newspap


LinkedIn started in 2003 and had 4,500 members after their first month. Today LinkedIn has many millions of members worldwide and is a good and popular website for employers to post help wanted ads in many categories. Employers can read resumes of prospective employees in the category of jobs they need to fill. LinkedIn is more of a social networking and recruiting site where members can refer people they know who can qualify for a job position. With LinkedIn employers and recruiters can:

  • Reach more than 200 million professionals throughout the world.
  • Use their automated job match section.
  • You can view an applicants profile instantly.
  • There are more than 100,000 job recruiters on LinkedIn.
  • Keep in touch with former colleagues, co-workers and employees.
  • Search for an employee using references from members you trust.
  • Employers and recruiters can join and participate in groups.

LinkedIn Groups search

The cost for employers and recruiters to post job application varies depending on your location. I checked several major cities in the United States and found the following prices.

  • 30-day posting for $195 includes free Profile Matches 5 InMails.
  • 5-Job Pack costs $155 per job which is a 20% savings.
  • 10-Job Package costs $125 per job, which is a 35% savings.

LinkedIn has the following membership categories and costs:

LinkedIn Premium membership:

  • Basic is free.
  • Business plan costs $19.95 per month billed annually.
  • Business Plus costs $39.95 per month for a year subscription billed annually or $49.95 per month.
  • Executive plan costs $74.95 per month billed annually.

For Recruiters:

  • Basic is free.
  • Talent Basic costs $39.95 per month bill annually.
  • Talent Finder costs $74.95 per month billed annually or $99.95 each month.
  • Talent Pro membership costs $399.95 per month billed annually.

For Job Seekers:

  • Basic is free.
  • Job Seeker Basic costs $19.95 per month.
  • Job Seeker costs $24.95 per month billed annually or $29.95 per month.
  • Job Seeker Plus cost $49.95 per month.

For Sales Professionals:

  • Basic is free.
  • Sales Basic costs $15.95 per month billed annually.
  • Sales Plus costs $39.95 per month for an annual subscription or $49.95 per month.
  • Sales Executive costs $74.95.

Employees on LinkedIn can search for jobs for free. was founded by Jeff Taylor in the late 1990’s and today is one of the world’s largest employment and recruiting websites for both employers and employees. has a separate section for those looking for a new job or career and a section for employers to post their job positions. The employer section has the following areas:

  • Products section shows featured products or all of their products.
  • Solutions include the following subsections, Small and Medium Business, Enterprise, Proven Staffing Solutions, Healthcare, Government, Military Veterans and Emerging Workforce.
  • Their Resource Center has Recruiting and Hiring Advice, Workforce Management, Market Intelligence, Monster Training, HR Events and Small Business. has the following products and costs for their employer job postings:

Standard Job Posting:

  • You can post your ad for 30 or 60 days for a cost of between $210 and $395 depending on your location.
  • With the standard job posting, you can reach job candidates on desktops and mobile devices on websites such as, Facebook,, and more including 1,000 partnered local newspapers.
  • This section includes free hiring tools to manage your job postings, manage candidates and post your jobs to social media like Facebook and Twitter.


  • With TargetPost, an employer can find the skilled, hourly and administrative employees.
  • With TargetPost, an employer can choose from over 300 job titles.
  • TargetPost provides pre-written customizable job descriptions.
  • The cost for a 14-day job posting is $119.

Power Resume Search:

  • Power Resume Search will help employers find the exact employee they are looking for.
  • You can try Power Resume Search 7-day, 100-mile, 100 view access for $390.

Indeed Founded in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan, does not offer as many services and products for employers as LinkedIn or do. Basically, Indeed is a search engine for employees and employers. has three sections:

  • Find Jobs that lets you search for a job by keywords, job title or company name and by city, state or zip code. will also email newly listed jobs to you that match your keywords and or job title.
  • Indeed Resume lets an employer search from resumes by job titles, skills or company and in what city.
  • Indeed for Employers is for employers to post a job application and find resumes.

Indeed has the following tools and options for employers:

  • Post a Job is where employers can post their jobs to indeed in just minutes.
  • Sponsor Jobs from your career website and receive prominent placement in relative search results. You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Resume Search allows employers to search through millions of resumes for free. receives 2 million new resumes each month.
  • Indeed Company Pages lets you promote your employer brand allowing prospective employees a change to find your company.
  • Indeed Apply: When an employer adds Indeed Apply to their job postings, employees can apply to you directly from their iPhone, iPad, Android and Window devices.

Indeed Pricing:

Indeed is free for the most part for employers and employees except for the following products and services:

  • Sponsor Jobs usually cost $0.25 and $1.50 per click. The more you spend per click, the more often your job posting will be seen. You can set budgets and each job posting or the whole campaign. Indeed has real-time metrics so you can see just how well your job postings are doing.
  • Indeed Resume costs $1.00 per prospective candidate contact when the employer contacts that person. Indeed Resume is free to search, download and share resumes plus you can get new resume alerts that are based on your search terms.
  • Their other products and services are free.
  • You can find coupons for Indeed at sites like Groupon and PromoCodeWatch.


In today’s economy it can be hard for an employee to find a job and equally hard for an employer to find the right employee for their job openings. Each of the above companies is unique in their own way and good to contact an employer with the right new employee. LinkedIn is unique in that they are not only a website for employers to find the right job candidate but also a great social networking website for employers and employees to keep in contact with former colleagues. has many tools for an employer to find the right employer and Indeed with their low prices has a large search engine for both employers and employees to post and search for jobs and resumes.