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Lily Camera vs DJI vs 3D Robotics: Drones Compared

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Lily Camera is the best choice for cataloguing your sports and family events since it can follow and film you automatically. DJI is more suited for professional camera and video crews due to the high price point and video quality. 3D Robotics has excellen

Drones are not only useful in a wide variety of professions such as for camera work for film or movies, but they can also make for a great hobby. Here are a few drone companies stacked up side by side for your comparison.

Lily Camera

Lily Camera is still in pre-order stage, but this just means that you can get one for much cheaper than normal. The device has been featured on publications such as Forbes, Wired, Tech Crunch and the Verve.


  • Highly Portable-The device is only about 10 inches wide by 10 inches long and only 3 inches or so tall. This makes it easy to carry around in a backpack which makes it ideal for carrying to outings.
  • Auto Follow-Lily can be ordered to follow whoever is holding the tracking device. This device is waterproof, and it can be held on the forearm with a band. It’s light according to the site, and you largely won’t even remember it’s there.
  • Variety of Commands-You can also make the drone loop around you if you want, or even lead in front of you and shoot you from the front as you move. It’s also possible to have it slide right next to you, shooting you with its camera from the side.
  • Waterproof-The device has a waterproof rating of IP67 so it won’t be a big deal if it splashes down over a river while shooting a canoeing or swimming session. The tracker wristband is waterproof too.
  • Dexterous Flight-The drone can move at 25 miles per hour. It can go up to around 50 feet above your head, or even hover 5 feet above you. You can set it to swoop between 100 feet away from you to within 5 feet.


DJI is a Chinese company that sells a number of professional level drones.



  • 4K Video Quality-Camera drones like the Phantom 3 can shoot in 4K video. They can stream live HD f everything it sees from above. It can also shoot in 1080p. In both cases the camera is at about 12 megapixels.
  • Three Different Drone Types-You can choose from the Phantom, Inspire, or Ronin series, with multiple drone models available in each line.
  • Dual Operator Support-The Inspire 1 can actually receive input from two operators at the same time. This way, one person can fly the drone while the other swivels the camera around and takes shots.
  • Vision Positioning for Location Indoors-If you can’t get a GPS location for whatever reason, the Inspire 1 from DJI can figure out its location with visual clues. It also uses this same technology to extend legs when it’s landing.


3D Robotics

3D Robotics drones come with a lot of extra computing power in order to aid hobbyists and others in flying the drones since this can be a difficult business. Currently the Solo is available for pre-ordering.


  • Intuitive Controls-Flying drones can be tricky, but 3DR puts effort into making it easier with controls that look a lot like a game controller. They have two control sticks with A and B buttons, a power button, a pause button, a home button, a “fly” button and a screen for viewing live video streaming from the drone. You can set the angle presets and camera angle with dials on the edge of the controller as well. The controller even comes with an HDMI slot for hooking it up to a big screen if you choose.
  • LED Lights-These lights help you see which way the drone is going.
  • 1 GHz Computer on-board-Since there’s a good computer right on board the drone, you can be sure that you’ll get a lot of help with intelligently flying it.
  • Pause in Midair-The pause button the flight controller will make the drone hover exactly where it is instantly. This makes it easier to take photos. The drone can also change its camera angle while flying.
  • GoPro Compatibility-3D Robotics drones like the Solo are designed to work with GoPro cameras. You can swap out cameras however you want on the Solo, however, since the load-bearing area can take many different cameras.



Head to Head


The Lily Camera can shoot 1080p video at 60 fps. You can shoot 720p instead if you want, at 120 fps. You can use either MP4 or the high definition H.264 codec. The camera has an automatic image stabilization ability and a fixed focus. The drone can fly for 20 minutes, store 4 GB of memory with expandable slot, and use an IOS and Android app. The only contact option takes you right to an email address.

Live HD video streaming from the Phantom 3 by DJI lets you see things from the drone’s point of view for a unique way to fly and film. You can contact DJI through email or phone during normal business hours via their North America branch. They also have 24 hour support for those who have purchased a drone such as the Phantom 3.

3D Robotics drones such as the Solo Smart Drone also have a 20 minute flight time while carrying something. It carries dual Linux processors with 1 GHz. You can email them right from their support page, or call them at their toll-free number listed on that page. They also have a ticket system, but no live chat apparently.


These Lily Camera drones are $599 but $20 for shipping. This means the total cost for a pre-ordered Lily Camera drone is $619. The regular price is $999, so you save a considerable amount by confirming a pre-order. You can buy more than one for the same rate on this page as well. These will ship in 2016.

An example of pricing from DJI includes the Phantom 3 which can fly up to 1.2 miles away from you, and costs $3399 with two remotes. If you just want the one remote it’s $2899. There’s no doubt that DJI drones are far more expensive than other drones, but they are also professional grade.

The Solo drone from 3D Robotics costs around $1000. This makes it about the same as the Lily Camera drone once the Lily finishes its pre-orders. There are a few other drones 3DR sells such as the Iris or the X8, but the Solo appears to be the main one currently.


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