Lightning: Nature's Way Of Converting Atmospheric Nitrogen Into Fertilizer

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How lightning converts free nitrogen of the air into fertilizer that is water soluble which all plants need.

The powerful bursts of electrical energy from the fearsome flashes of lightning ionize the air and produce nitrogen oxide. This ionization process converts the free nitrogen of the air into its water soluble state which all plants need. Nitrogen is an essential part of fertilizer. Lightning also help generate new growth in forest areas that are burned by fires triggered by lightning by clearing dead trees so that seedlings have the space and soil to germinate.

The following list taken from an old newspaper describes the ionization of nitrogen in the atmosphere when lightning strikes:

  • Lightning barrage our earth about 100 times per second.
  •  Lightning is a violent explosion due to the sudden and extremely rapid equalization of electric charges which were formerly forced apart.
  •  Lightning takes place in a thunderstorm cloud wherein the electric charges are forced to separate.
  • The (+) particles gather at the top of the cloud and the (-) particles go to the bottom of the cloud.
  • On earth – directly below the cloud, + charges are attracted. These follow the cloud wherever it drifts.
  •  Lightning happens when the (-) charges in the cloud finally meet the (+) charges on the ground --wham . . . lightning is produced.
  •  These charges meet by traveling through a channel formed by a gaseous arm leaping up from the ground.
  •  Lightning is not produced in one big burst of power. Equalization of electric charges occur in a series or in spurts so that lightning is actually a series of powerful sparks.
  •  Lightning last about one second.
  •  Lightning doesn’t strike down. It is actually going up. It starts from point of contact and it jets up to the cloud along the path established by the gaseous arm.
  •  Lightning appears to be going down because it is an optical illusion. Its speed is actually too fast for the eye to follow.
  • All lightning bolts have no connection on the ground but lightning can be produced between clouds.
  • It is different from St. Elmo’s light in that the latter is really an electric overload becoming visible in the form of light.
  •  Thunder is the sound created by air rushing away at supersonic speed after it has been superheated by the lightning bolt.

An example of lightning’s role as a fertilizer maker is the ancient belief, but with scientific explanation, that mushrooms abound after a thunderstorm.

“Thunderbolts and lightning foster mushrooms", is another mythical belief with an underlying spores in the soil area. Being fungi, mushrooms thrive in damp places. The moisture, heat and light provided by the rain and the lightning create a favorable environment for mushrooms. Furthermore, lightning causes the precipitation of atmospheric nitrogen which enhances mushroom growth and fruiting scientific explanation. An episode of heavy rain and some lightning trigger the germination of dormant body formation. So the mystical properties of mushrooms arise from the seeming magical appearance of these organisms where earlier there was just decomposing plant material and soil.”






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