Lifelock vs. TrustedID vs. Identity Guard: Identify Theft Protection Sites Compared

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LifeLock is ideal for getting the widest coverage since they even check angles like black market sites and the sex offender’s registry. Identity Guard is effective for protection in emergencies due to their Lost Wallet plan that gives you instant access

New technological advances like the Internet require the need to rise to new challenges. One of these challenges is protecting your identity from hackers and thieves. With all of the information available about you online these days through social media and other sources, it’s easier than ever for thieves to commandeer your identity and use it to buy things in your name and generally steal from you. Here are a few identity theft protection sites that allow you to be proactive in keeping people from co-opting your identity, including how they compare to each other.


LifeLock is one of the most recognized names in the industry. The service uses the LifeLock Identity Alert System to let you know when your identity is being attacked. You can call LifeLock at 1-800-607-7205.


  • 1 Million Total Service Guarantee-This feature means that LifeLock will spend up to 1 million dollars in the hiring of experts to recover your identity. This is backed up by an insurance policy from the State National Insurance Company.
  • A+ BBB Rating-LifeLock has the highest rating you can get from the Better Business Bureau, meaning that not only are they safe to use, but they handle customer complaints promptly and largely to the satisfaction of consumers.
  • 24 Hour Live Member Service-Even those who sign up for the most basic plan will be able to get live support around the clock, every day of the year.
  • Norton and TRUSTe Secured-Norton scans the site every day to ensure that there are no malware threats. TRUSTe makes sure your private data is secure.
  • Black market Website Surveillance-LifeLock checks to see if your name comes up on black market sites on a regular basis.
  • Sex Offender Registry Check-LifeLock also has the option to check the sex offender registry to make sure no one is using your name in a fraudulent way there.
  • Credit Bureau Fraud Alerts-You can get alerts from credit bureaus and banks to quickly get on top of any kind of leak.


TrustedID is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. They have a full set of identity protection services. You can contact TrustedID at 1-888-548-7878.


  • Easy Offline Chat Option-Right at the top of the main page you can click on the “Need Help” button to go right to a form for getting help with a question. TrustedID’s way of setting up their site is a lot more intuitive than the other sites for this reason.
  • BBB Accredited- The rating for TrustedID is still good at A, though a little under the other sites. But this still means the site is safe to use.
  • Facebook Privacy Monitor-This feature checks your Facebook page constantly for privacy settings and other potential threats to see if your information is at risk for exposure.
  • Junk Mail Reduction-TrustedID helps remove your name from junk mail lists including marketing databases. It also keeps you from getting pre-approved offers for credit cards. Essentially, the site protects your information in all ways including from businesses.
  • Protect Medical Benefits-TrustedID can help you get your medical benefit statements so you can monitor the situation better. This lets you track your payments to make sure no one else is fraudulently getting your medical benefits in your place.
  • Family Protection Plan-TrustedID gives features to protect your spouse and other extended family members living inside of your house. This is through the IDEssentials family plan.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is focused on protecting your children more than many other services. So if that’s your aim, this is a good service to use.


  • Free 30 Day Trial-You can try out Identity Guard just for 30 days to see if it works for you.
  • A+ BBB Rating-Identity Guard also has a high rating with the BBB.
  • Lost Wallet Protection-If you sign up with Identity Guard, you’ll get the ability to call Identity Guard and immediately cancel all of your credit cards. They can also give you up to $2000 emergency cash from your account so a lost wallet doesn’t have to ruin your trip or vacation.
  • Computer Suite Protection-Identity Guard keeps your information safe on your computer’s side by encrypting your keystrokes so that people can’t use keyloggers to steal your data that way.
  • Constant Credit Scans-Any credit applications that are submitted in your name including for credit cards, new cell phones, mortgages and loans will be monitored by the system and you’ll be informed if any strange pattern exists.

Head to Head


LifeLock starts off at around $10 per month for the standard plan. It then goes as high as $30 per month for the full “comprehensive” plan. The LifeLock “Ultimate” plan is in the middle at $22.50 per month.

Identity Guard starts out at only $15 per month for basic service. You can also add protection for all of your children by just adding $5 per month more.

The standard cost for Trusted ID family Plan is $20.

This means that overall; LifeLock has the cheapest standard plan, though it won’t have as many features available. Identity Guard has one of the more flexible plan structures since you can add children to any plan with just an extra $5 per month.


LifeLock has a lot of unconventional protection strategies like checking sex offender registries for your name, or the black market site checks they do.

Identity Guard focuses on protection on the go, as well as protection for children and your computer. It’s one of the only services that offers protection in the form of a security and anti-virus suite for your computer. Its Lost Wallet emergency cash program is also unique in that it gives you instant access to your accounts in an emergency. You can draw on up to $2000. Identify Guard also has the free trial so you can try it out without any risk.

TrustedID has a focus on extended family within a household including spouses which is fairly unique. You can cover all of them with one plan. It also has unique features like monitoring Facebook which are highly relevant in a modern society.