Learn How to Make a Nest Box for a Cockatoo

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Making a nest box for a cockatoo does not necessarily require that you follow a particular design. Creating one will depend on your own artistic and creative imagination. Only that safety consideration of the pet should be prioritized first.


Cockatoos are native to Papua New Guinea, Australia and Indonesia. With over 40 different species of cockatoo, these birds are divided into two categories --- the white and black cockatoos. These birds are available for breeding and one of the most popular household pets. They are a bit tricky to breed because they are sensitive creatures and have the aggressive characteristics during mating season.

One of the most obvious features of cockatoos is the erectile crest in their heads that immediately rises when alarmed or excited. They have strong and heavy beaks which they use to crack seeds that are hard and large which they also use to protect themselves.

When breeding these birds, you need to learn how to make a cockatoo nest box so that they will have a place to lay their eggs on. The tips below are worth remembering when making them.

Design and Materials for Cockatoo Nests

There are no specific and accurate designs for a cockatoo nest box. No bird depend their nest on mathematical precision, but rather use materials they see every day to build their nests. The only requirement they look for in a nest is placing it on a site that is secured and safe from predators and any weather conditions. They would not want to go back in their nest without their precious eggs. Each species of bird have different tastes in choosing the perfect location to build their home. There are two basic designs that can accommodate the needs of these common household birds. You can either build the nest to be open-fronted or a simple box with a hole whose diameter depends on the size of the bird, at its front.

To make a cockatoo nest box, wood is still the best material that you can use. It can be old or new, smooth or rough, hardwood or softwood. Whatever you choose to use is not as important as the materials that is already available.

Specifications of Your Cockatoo’s Nest

The height of the nest box does not matter as long as your birds’ nest is located in a site clear of prowling cats and inquisitive human. To avoid exposing the box to direct sunlight and heavy rains, the nest box should be tilted forwards so that the nest’s roof will deflect raindrops from its entrance.

You can protect your cockatoo’s nest box from any predators by placing your cockatoo’s nest box in thorny bushes or strategically placing chicken wire at the entrance. After the cockatoo’s breeding season, the nest boxes you have set up should be cleaned, removing old nesting materials and cleaned carefully with hot water so that any parasites left will be killed.