Latourell Falls - Beautiful Scenic Basalt Rock Waterfall in Oregon

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Latourell Falls is a beautiful scenic waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge that drops 249 spectacular feet over a basalt rock cliff face.

Latourell Falls is a beautiful scenic waterfall that drops 249 feet along Latourell Creek in Guy W. Talbot State Park in northern Oregon about 25 miles east of Portland. Latourell Falls is located in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and is a popular waterfall attraction in Oregon due to its great beauty and easy access.

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The cliff face Latourell Falls drops over is made up of basalt rock columns which can clearly be seen behind the lower parts of this scenic magical waterfall. Yellow lichen on the rock cliff face especially to the right of the falls also adds a unique color that only enhances the beauty of the scene at Latourell Falls.

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Guy W. Talbot was a wealthy Portland businessman involved in railroads and electric utility companies in the early 1900's. He used his wealth to purchase land along the Columbia River Gorge including Latourell Falls and the surrounding area and vacationed here each summer with his family. In 1929 Talbot donated the land to the State of Oregon which created the Guy W. Talbot State Park. Latourell Falls is the crown jewel of the park and why most people visit.

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Latourell Falls is located right off the Historic Columbia River Highway at the eastern end of Guy W. Talbot Park a few miles west of the Crown Point Vista House which is also well worth a visit. If traveling from Interstate 84 take exit 28 and go west on the Historic Columbia River Highway for a few miles until you see the parking lot for falls right after the highway crosses over Latourell Creek.

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The Columbia River Gorge west of Portland, Oregon is filled with beautiful scenic waterfalls including Latourell Falls. Because of the basalt rock cliff face and yellow lichen Latourell Falls stands out among all the waterfalls and is well worth visiting by anyone traveling through the area.

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Latourell Falls can reached from Portland in well under an hour's drive.

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