Knack vs. Caspio vs. Zoho: Business Database and CRM Services Compared

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Knack is the superior option when it comes to customization. Caspio is superior to the other when it comes to beginner options since everything is easy to follow with guidance wizards and there are even app templates that are instantly recognizable. Zoho

Having the right database is often critical when it comes to meeting your business objectives. Regardless of whether this is building a mobile app, a web application, or whatever other purpose you need for a database, the quality and particular features of the service you choose really do matter. Here are some examples of business database services plus a review of the particular characteristics of each of them along with where they excel.


Knack has business solutions for CRM, databases, and other services. They offer a free trial to test out how it might help your particular business before you commit. The system is used by groups such as The Seattle Seahawks, The Salvation Army, and Cornell University.


  • Free Trial-Singing up for a free trial on Knack is easier than on some sites, plus you don’t need a credit card to get it going.
  • Customization-You can fully customize your database such as filling in data fields with images, names or addresses. You can also create connections between data sets like matching up employees to customers.
  • Data Extension-There are formulas that let you extend your data in order to rearrange it and crunch it together however you like. The emphasis is that you can do this without knowing any coding or other technological skill.
  • Live Chat-The purple box at the bottom corner of the screen lets you contact the service directly with your questions during business hours, and you can leave email when it’s not business hours. They show you who you’ll be talking to in the box generally as well.


Caspio also has many famous organizations using their site such as Coca-Cola, Cisco, Bayer, and Yale. The service is known for having a visual application builder and for its interactive reports and data.


  • WordPress Plugin-There’s a well-reviewed plugin for Caspio called Caspio Deployment that works with WordPress. It gives you point and click options that work through WordPress.
  • Extensive Security Features-SSL deployment is available for those worried about their databases, there’s also Captcha security, full password protection, and a user authentication option that’s thorough.
  • Embed Anywhere-You have options on the site to embed applications anywhere in order to work on developing them.
  • App Templates-One of the things that makes Caspio effective for beginners is the App templates section which makes it so you can just choose the type of app you want to custom make for your company, and get started with it right away instead of trying to build something from the ground up.


Zoho is a company that creates a number of different solutions within the CRM purview. It gets strong reviews from all corner online. They have over 15 million users and put out more than 30 products most of the time, so they are a major player.


  • Business Process Automation-The automation section is located under the “Setup” area and you can use the tools here to get workflows and assignment creation going automatically whenever certain businesses processes or tasks initiate.
  • Sales Forecast-The databases you set up can be configured to create sales forecasts if they are the inventory type.
  • Pricing Flexibility-Unlike many such services, you pay per user per month instead of one catch all price. This way, you can scale as you need to and as you grow. This is one of the reasons Zoho works well for those who plan to start small and end up big because the scaling and automation is there.
  • Multiple Platforms-You can use Android, iOS, or even get it from the Windows Store in order to suit your style for how you develop apps from a database.

Head to Head


Pricing at Knack starts at $39 per month for the Starter option, Pro is $79 per month, with Corporate and Enterprise each adding about $100 per month to those prices. This is apparently fairly standard for the industry, and not many user reviewers complain about pricing, at least no more than the standard. The free trial period also means your less likely to end up with buyer’s remorse as well. The Starter option includes 20,000 records with 2 GB of storage and support for 3 apps. You also get basic support options. It’s also possible to get discounts if you’re a non-profit as well.

Caspio offers 3 dataPages, 250 MB of data transfer and plenty of core features and community support with their free plan. The basic option goes for $59 per month, which is certainly more expensive than what you get at Knack, and what appears to be less data transfer as well since you only get 500 MB. You also get limited live support this way. The Professional plan for Caspio is $249 a month, which you can try out for a 2 week free trial, and which has unlimited data transfer as well as 2 hours of expert sessions, which is something Knack doesn’t advertise obviously. This goes up the more that you pay per month.

Zoho costs $12 per user per month for their Standard option. This is only when you pay yearly, however. From there, you go up to $20 per user moth for the “Professional” option. The standard option gives you 100,000 recoreds where the Pro one gives you unlimited records.  There’s also more email integration in the Pro version, and more customization on the Enterprise version. In terms of app pricing specifically, they offer their own specific plan just for that which starts at $5 per month for 512mb per user and 1000 records plus 10 apps.

Overall, Knack has a highly tiered pricing scheme where how effective the support is will be totally dependent on your level of scubscription. It’s actually three-tiered going from Basic to Priority to Premier.Caspio has this as well, but they actually start out at Free, though this is only for community support. Caspio charges more for their limited live support than Knack, since the basic plan is more expensive there.  In contrast, Zoho allows for more specific options for pricing, and it’s a lower cost than many of the others at $12 per user for the basic one, whereas the others cost about $40 and around $60 per month for basic service beyond the free version. If you go app development with a database only, then it’s actually cheaper for Zoho, however since it’s only $5. Therefore, it really just depends on what your focus is.


Knack has many of the standard database management services, but not all of the, since it lacks performance analysis and vidualization features. You get full data backup, migration, search, replication and conversion however. There are also monitoring services and quiries you get as well. There are multiple integrations for the service include through Mailchimp, Webmerge, Google Drive, Gmail and DropBox. Zapier also works through the Knack API as well.

Caspio has a wide number of support options including a full FAQ page, an active forum, the standard online and phone support options, a knowledge base page, and even video tutorials, making it a good fit for beginners. One of the reasons for this is the fact that you can create a database application with the visual builder on the site that doesn’t require development or coding skills. This is also a lot like what Knack offers. The difference is that there appears to be more extensive app wizards for guiding you through it than what Knack actively advertises. The idea is that this means you can get an app finished in just a few minutes instead of taking many weeks. Other features include how you can use your central cloud database from wherever you want, which allows for realt-ime reporting on information.

Zoho has many tools including databse access and others that others charge more for. They don’t offer unlimited users until you pay $500 per month, however. But, they do have live chat support at the $10 mark which doesn’t have gradation to it the same way that services like Knack do. There is a drag and drop option available here as a feature, though some reviewrs have complained about this.

The most basic plan also offers as many workflows as you want and the ability to add schedules. You get scheduled backup for your database and app development service at the $10 per month option. This one also has a payment gateway option and a customer portal add-on that you can use as well. Other features that are highly useful are at the Enterprise level and include the ability to have real-time customer interactions which can be important for your business along with your database if you’re trying to develop and then sell apps.

Overall, Caspio has many similar features to Knack including a 20% discount to Nonprofits, while Knack also offers a discount although it’s often not specified. They also both have unlimited users offered. Caspio does have the free plan forever though, so that’s one difference. Caspio also appears to have more support options and often has the advantage in devices supported and languages supported over other options. Caspio does appear to have the edge when it comes to visualization and use by beginners, however, since it has more guides and obvious step by step wizards.They also have clearly defined App templates such as their Event Calendar, Membership Directory, Recruiting Management, Store Locator, and many others. This is an advantage over Knack because the apps are easier to choose and get set up by all accounts.


Knack has positive reviews from places like GetApp at 4.7 out of 5 with user reviews around 20. Plus, there’s a G2 Crowd Review that comes in at 9.5 out of 10 with a handful of reviews. Capterra also has user reviews and gives them a perfect 5 out of 5. So, not a lot of pros are giving ratings, and the user reviews are a bit sparse in number, but they are largely positive. Reviewrs like that the interface is intuitive and the pricing is fairly moderate. They also like that non-technical people can make use of the database to put an application together. Many reviwers had no better understanding than standard excel knowledge. The downsides pointed out by reviewers include that the hours are based only on U.S. business working hours. This means that if you’re overseas, you have to wait unless it’s a full emergency.

Caspio is definitely better reviewed than Knack, both in terms of rating and in terms of number of reviews total generally. User ratings include a 4.8 with more than 10 total votes at GetApp, a 9 out of 10 at G2 Crowd, and a pro review at Trust Radius of 9 out of 10 as well. Capterra gives it 5 with more than a dozen reviews and PcMag has a 3 out of 5, though this is specifically for Caspio Bridge.

By all accounts, Zoho is a well-reviewed CRM software service. It has high ratings from every corner, including a 4.5 out of 5 from Merchant Maverik and a 5 out of 5 from PcMag. There are several user review sites that give it positive feedback including G2 Crowd with over 200 reviews at 7.6 out of 10, Fit Small Business with over 30 reviews, and plenty of others. Positive review points include that it has a high number of integrations with other services and that there’s no shortage of features for the price. Negatives include that they charge extra for features like tracking bugs, and that the drag and drop option is a bit lacking.

Overall, reviews show that Caspio gives more free users per account than Zoho does. The trial periods indicated in reviews are comparable though, with Zoho giving a 15-day option and Zoho giving 14. The service that gets the best reviews is Zoho by far. However, many review sites such as GetApp and G2 seem to hand out similarly positive reviews to all of the options based on user data. Reviews also indicate that users found Caspio easier to figure out with controls that were a bit more intuitive.