Kmart vs Sears vs Walmart: Review and Comparison

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Kmart has a big focus on their Pharmacy with gift card and point bonuses for those who use it. Sears is part of the same company as Kmart technically, but they have a lot more physical locations. This makes them ideal for those who don't want to shop onl

The superstores are all going online these days, and they are also all competing with each other. Fortunately, as a consumer, this will only benefit you as the different sites all compete with one another. Each of the stores sell so many different things, that the best one for you will depend on what you buy the most. It’s a simple matter of paying attention to this, and then matching it up with the store that has the best programs for that particular area.


The same company that owns Kmart also owns Sears, Kenmore, Lands’ End Craftsman and other stores, so they all connect together. Kmart has been around a long time now though they've struggled in recent years, so becoming part of the same company as sears has allowed them to gain new life.


  • Save $1 per Gallon on Gas- This deal means that when you spend $40 or more on Nestle Purina or Hartz pet products, you can take advantage of gas savings.
  • Shop Your Way Rewards-Members get exclusive deals, getting 30% savings and more. Save $3 or so per 3000 points.
  • Transfer Up to 4 Prescriptions and earn $100 in Kmart Gift Cards
  • Earn 500 Reward Points with Every Refill
  • Free Shipping on $59 or More

 Kmart has an extensive Pharmacy program.




Sears and Kmart started off as different companies entirely, and in many ways they still are. But they have the same parent company now, so some of the same programs will apply to both. However, Sears still focuses on different products and has some different Sears-specific deals. In particular, Sears tends to have more home and garden equipment than Kmart. They also frequently have a larger electronics store and a wider selectionin in that department


  • Massive Retail Footprint with 2500 Stores- This means that if you don’t want topurchase goods online, you have a great chance of finding a store near you. Keep in mind that some deals are only online though.
  • Shop Your Way Max- For $39 per year, you can get $3 in points every month, double points on qualified purchases, and free 2 day shipping.
  • Huge Service Branch- Sears takes in over 14 million service calls every year.
  • Gift Registry


Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world. They have literally nearly everything you could think of and then some. It’s going to be different from store to store though. Walmart has focused on a lot of Green iniatives in recent years due to pressure from their market base. They frequently come under fire for the way they treat workers, but there's no denying that they often come up with the lowest prices and widest selection of any retailer around.


  • Free Shipping on orders over $35- This is for the 6-9 business days shipping. It only costs a little under three dollars to ship the standard 3 to 5 business days. Shipping site to store is always free and always takes 6 to 9 business days on eligible items. The exceptions are pharmacy, photos, tires, Marketplace, freight and gift cards. You also can’t get free pickup in Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii
  • Fresh Produce-Some Walmart stores have extensive grocery departments. Walmart is even experimenting in the West coast with delivering groceries right to your door.
  • Locate Multiple Services with Store Locator- This includes stores open over 24 hours, pharmacy, Garden Center, Photo Center, Tire and Lube, Grocery, Portrait Studio, Vision Center, Maternity, Cell phones, Subway, McDonald’s, Medical Clinics and many others, all in store. You can check these off on the map near you and then immediately identify the stores that have these options.


Head to Head


Kmart only charges $60 or so for a Linsay 7-inch tablet. With Sears, the prices are largely the same since they are owned by the same company. Comparable tablets at 7 inches are more like $80 at Walmart.


Sears and Kmart have free shipping if you spend around $60. For Walmart you get free shipping for only $35 now. Considering how much Walmart sells, it’s likely going to be easy to rack up that much on any single order, giving you virtually free shipping with every package you buy.

Walmart has a better website than Kmart and Sears as well. The store locator has a huge number of stores to look through. In addition, there are many filters you can search through like Car service locations, Subway, and so on. This means that you have a high probability of finding everything you need at one store if you go to Walmart.