KissMetrics vs CrazyEgg vs MouseFlow: Heatmapping Tools Compared

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There are numerous ways to analyze your website and web pages to find out where your visitors are reading and clicking. Heatmapping is another great way to analyze your website. These three heatmapping tools all have features that can help you understand

What is Heatmapping?

Many people think of heatmapping as an infrared picture of a house that shows hot spots. Heatmaps when used with websites, also show hot spots. A hot spot on a website heatmap shows where user's eyes go first and focus on the most. Heatmapping software on your website can help you put the information you want seen in the best places.

  • Click heat maps can show website owners the locations where visitors clicked on the most.
  • Scroll heat maps shows if users are scrolling lower on your web pages or scrolling below the initial visible page (known as below the fold).
  • Mouse movement heat maps can track where a user's mouse hovers.

Click heatmap from MouseFlow


KissMetrics was founded by entrepreneur Neil Patel in 2012 and they are located in San Francisco, CA. You can call them at 1-888-767-5477.

KissMetrics Heatmapping

The basic unit with KissMetrics is not just data numbers, it is people. When a customer visits your website, you will be able to know what the customer looked at before and after they signed up on your website. From this information, you will be able to give this customer better service and get more customers like this one. KissMetrics heatmapping analytics will help you to better understand your customers.

KissMetrics Heatmapping Features

KissMetrics will show you all of the data in one place. This data will include your key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and revenue. KissMetrics will not only show you the usual numbers like how many times a page was accessed or how many times something was clicked, KissMetrics will also show you who a particular customer was visiting pages and interacting with your website. Other features of KissMetrics include:

  • Data will be saved and never lost. When you enter in a customer's data, such as when they used a coupon, what type of coupon, what business they are in and more, KissMetrics will always save this information.
  • KissMetrics data will help you understand customer usage patterns and show you how effective your marketing campaigns have been.
  • Create reports on all of the data that has been collected on anything you have been tracking for as long as you have been tracking.

Implementing KissMetrics

You can implement KissMetrics with the following languages.

KissMetrics Plan Features

KissMetrics has three plans to choose from. All of their heatmapping plans have the following features:

  • Unlimited funnel reports
  • Unlimited cohort reports
  • Unlimited retention reports
  • Unlimited customer profiles
  • Unlimited A/B tests
  • Unlimited testing and staging areas
  • Segment data by any point in time
  • No-limit conversion periods
  • Real time monitoring tool
  • Data export
  • Email support
  • Multi and cross platform device support

KissMetrics' professional plan also includes the following features:

  • Power reports
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Implementation expert
  • Dedicated metrics specialists
  • Email and phone support
  • Increased storage capacity.

KissMetrics Pricing

Starter Plan

Basic Plan

Professional Plan


$150 Per Month

$250 Per Month

Starts at $500 Per Month

500,000 events per month

or approx. 50,000 unique visitors per month.

Up to 1 Million events per month or approx. 100,000 unique visitors per month.

1 million plus events per month or about 1 million unique visitors per month.

 KissMetrics offers a free 14-day trial. All of their plans are billed annually.

KissMetrics Refund Policy

KissMetrics bills in advance for each billing cycle and are non-refundable. The company does not give refunds for partial months of service or for months unused with an open account. You can read more about their refund policy in their Terms of Service.

Tracking data with KissMetrics/YouTube

KissMetrics Customer Comments

KissMetrics has good customer comments including the following from

  • "KISSmetrics really is a great thing. I use it on a daily basis, and it informs nearly everything I do in terms of outreach to users. Have they used my company's product? How much? When? Where have they traveled on my website? There is just a wealth of information that you can sift through, user by user...with customized tracking events so you are getting granular data on exactly what you want…." - Nick
  • "Kissmetrics was one of the first analytics platforms to really focus their attention on individual visitors rather than page views. In doing so, they allow marketers to understand the visitor's journey and provide a better experience. Kissmetrics can be a little pricey for some small businesses, and not all businesses need to spend additional money on online analytics. Take it for a test drive and find out whether it is a good fit for your needs." - Cate


CrazyEgg is another heatmapping tool that was co-founded by Neil Patel, who also co-founded KissMetrics. They are located in La Mirada, California and you can call them at 1-888-227-3913.

CrazyEgg Heatmapping Features

CrazyEgg heatmapping tools are used by over 50,000 businesses included Hilton, Intel, eBay, Dell, and Amazon. When you install CrazyEgg heatmapping software into your websites, you will get the following features.

  • Heatmap Tool lets you see where people click the most on your website, helping you make changes for better conversions.
  • Scrollmap Tool will show you where users are scrolling and if they are scrolling below the initial visible page (known as below the fold), and where you need to hold their interest longer.
  • Overlay Tool shows you the number of clicks on each element of your website pages.
  • Confetti Tool allows you to see where all of your clicks are coming from segmented into search terms, referrals and more. This will help you discover where your best traffic is coming from.

Installing CrazyEgg 

Installing CrazyEgg on your web page is easy. Once you sign into your CrazyEgg account, you will specify which web page you want to analyze. Once you specify that page's URL, you will copy and paste the CrazyEgg Javascript snippet to your page.

Using CrazyEgg on Your Website

A few answers to commonly asked questions about CrazyEgg.

  • The CrazyEgg Javascript will not slow down the page load time.
  • CrazyEgg will work with https secure sites.
  • It will work with flash and iframe objects.
  • You can track multiple domains with one account.

CrazyEgg Plans and Pricing

All CrazyEgg plans have the following features:

Basic Plan

$9 Per Month

Standard Plan

$19 Per Month

Plus Plan

$49 Per Month

Pro Plan

$99 Per Month


10,000 Visitors

Per Month

25,000 Visitors

Per Month

100,000 Visitors

Per Month

250,000 Visitors

Per Month

10 Active Pages

25 Active Pages

50 Active Pages

100 Active Pages

Daily Reporting

Daily Reporting

Hourly Reporting

Hourly Reporting

 All of their plans have a free 30-day trial period. All plans are billed annually.

CrazyEgg Demo/YouTube

CrazyEgg Refund Policy

The payment for the plan you choose is non-refundable. You can cancel your account at any time by going to the Your Account tab. No refunds will be given for partial months of use. You can read their Terms of Service for more information.

CrazyEgg Customer Comments

CrazyEgg has customer comments on their website including the following:

  • "Crazy Egg is great at tracking clicks on ads like AdSense. You can track where on the ad they click, test ads in different positions and of different designs (run one test for a few days, then make a change and run another one)."
  • "I have used many analytics tools in my career, but Crazy Egg is pushing the envelope. If you want to understand consumer behavior on your web site in an effort to increase conversions and engagement, Crazy Egg is the tool to use."


MouseFlow is another heatmapping tool that includes live click tracking and website analytics. MouseFlow was founded by current CEO, Lasse Schou in April 2010 and they have offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Issaquah, Washington. MouseFlow is used and trusted by more than 15,000 websites, corporations and bloggers.

MouseFlow Heatmapping Features

MouseFlow helps eliminate the guesswork in analyzing your website by using intuitive recordings of real visitor behavior on your website. You will be able to see real scroll movement and summarize metrics about what your visitors are seeing. MouseFlow has the following heatmapping features.

  • Instant Heatmaps will spot trends and patterns with your visitor's behavior on your web pages.
  • In-Page Analytics will show you number of page views, views per day, visit length, interaction time, and more.
  • For E-Commerce intercepts page content and records dynamic elements.
  • Multi-User Accounts

Scroll heatmap 

Installing MouseFlow      

MouseFlow has plug-ins and instructions for installing MouseFlow on the following:

MouseFlow Plans and Pricing

MouseFlow plans have the following features and prices. Their prices are listed in Euros and U.S. dollars. The Euro to dollars conversion can change daily.

Free Plan

Small Plan

Medium Plan

Large Plan

Extra Large


100 Recorded


1,000 Recorded Session


Recorded Sessions







1 Domain

1 Websites

3 Websites

5 Websites

10 Websites

1 Months Storage

1 Month Storage

2 Months Storage

2 Months


3 Months Storage


10 Euros

Per Month


49 Euros

Per Month


99 Euros

Per Month


199 Euros

Per Month


MouseFlow also has customer enterprise plans. To find out more about the enterprise plans, call MouseFlow at 1-855-668-7335.

How MouseFlow Works/YouTube

MouseFlow Refund Policy

At this time, their website states that they have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all paid plans. If you are not satisfied, let MouseFlow know and they will make it right.

MouseFlow is billed a month in advanced. According to the EU Distance Selling Directive, individual consumers have the right to cancel their order within 7 days of purchase and get a refund of the purchase amount. Businesses and organizations will not get a refund. You can sign up for a free subscription to evaluate MouseFlow.

MouseFlow Customer Comments

MouseFlow has good comments on their website from users of their heatmapping tools including:

  • Don’t let the simple look of fool you. It’s a powerful web analytics suite that gives you plenty of statistics and features to play around with.” - UI Patterns
  • With Mouseflow you can figure out how intuitive your site feels on the whole, and if people find using it natural or forced.” - Canal Digital