Khan Academy vs IXL Learning vs Whizz Education: Online Learning Tools for Kids Reviewed

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Khan Academy offers the most courses that teachers and parents can use to teach kids subjects including math, science, economics, finance, computer programming. They are completely free for both teachers and parents to use. IXL Learning states that 1 in 9

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is great for every one of all ages to learn a new skill or do better at school. Their mission is to provide a free education for anyone, anywhere. They have classes available ranging from kindergarten to advanced calculus, and they have partnered with agencies like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, MIT and the California Academy of Sciences to provide state of the art technologies with learning.

Khan Academy Features

When you use Khan Academy, you are joining a global community of millions of students from all over the world. Students can learn at their own pace and their courses have been translated into more than 36 languages including Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Khan Academy has many donors and corporate sponsors including the following:

  • The Walt Disney Foundation
  • Amgen Foundation
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • 49’ers Foundation
  • Oracle
  • AT&T
  • Bank of America
  • Comcast
  • Hyatt
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Khan Academy Course Subjects

Khan Academy offers great courses for anyone that needs to get through a school course or to learn something new for their job. Students and learners can search for a course in the following categories:

  • Math by Subject includes early math, arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre calculus, statistics and probabilities, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and math for fun and glory.
  • Math by Grade shows math courses from kindergarten through high school.
  • Computing includes computer programming, computer science, hour of code and computer animation.
  • Science and Engineering has many topics including chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, health and medicine, biology, electrical engineering and astronomy and cosmology.
  • Economics and Finance lists macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance and capital markets and entrepreneurship.
  • Arts and Humanities include art history, grammar, music, United States history and world history.
  • Test Prep includes SAT, MCAT, GMAT, ITT JEE and NCLEX-RN.

Khan Academy also includes many articles and videos including the following topics:

  • Getting Started: If you are thinking about a 4 year college, but not sure if this is right for you, this topic can help you decide. This topic will teach you about what happens during college and why it matters to your future.
  • Making High School Count: Whether you are just entering high school or a junior, it is never too early or late to start thinking about college and the future. This topic will show you how you academic records, extracurricular activities and standardized test results will impact your college admission process.
  • Exploring College Options: There are nearly 3,000 colleges in the United States that offer 4-year degree programs. Once you understand the differences that are available, you will begin to get a sense of what you really want out of college. This topic will help you understand this process.
  • Applying to College: Once you have decided on several college choices, it is time to put together the college application. This topic prepared by experts will help you with admissions essays, letters of recommendations and alumni interviews.
  • Paying for College: This topic will teach you how to navigate the financial aid process for paying for college including everything from filling out the FAFSA to identifying priority scholarships.
  • Wrapping it Up: After all this work, this topic will teach you want to expect now as you begin college.

This section also includes community questions and answers where you can learn even more.

Khan Academy Prices

Khan Academy states that all of their courses are free, but they do ask for donations. You can donate monthly or a one time donation ranging from $3 to $250 and more.

IXL Learning

IXL Learning is great for teachers, parents and home school parents. They began in 1998 and to this day, more than 450 secondary, and higher education language textbooks have been published on their Quia Books platform. These books are used in language courses ranging from Spanish and French to Chinese, Latin, and Arabic. IXL Learning has the following accolades:

  • 1 in 9 students in the United States use IXL Learning courses.
  • They are used in more than 190 countries around the world.
  • So far, 27 billion questions have been answered.
  • Awarded the Top Homeschooling product of 2011 by, the Mom’s Choice Award, the Smart Media Academics Choice Award and the Readers Choice Award.
  • Other awards include The Cool Tool Award of 2016 by Edtech Digest, the 2014 Blue Ribbon Award for home and homeschooling and the 2015 National Parenting Publication Award.
  • IXL Learning is used by over 250,000 teachers.

IXL Learning Course Subjects

IXL Learning includes many course topics for students from pre kindergarten through twelfth grade skill levels. These topics include:

  • Math includes counting pennies, skip count by fives, fractions, circle graphs with fractions, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, and much more.
  • Language Arts teaches word sounding exercises, punctuation, correct use of verbs, nouns and adverbs, sentence structure, identify thesis statements, choosing evidence to support a claim and much more for all grade levels.
  • Science has lessons including identifying solids and liquids, thermal energy temperatures, the bodies circulation and respiratory system, digestion, classifying animals, weather and climate, using magnets to solve problems, hurricane related hazards and much more.
  • Social Studies includes lessons like the American Flag, Mount Rushmore, checks and balances, the White House, state capitals, economies of the north and south during the Civil War, The New Deal, Lewis and Clark and many more lessons.

Each topic will also show all of the courses available, and there are hundreds of lessons. For example in third grade math, there are 359 skill lessons available.

IXL Learning also helps teachers and parents with analytics that will show immediate insights to a student’s progress and date for more efficient teaching. Their analytics include the following information:

  • Monitor class progress in real time and the ability to identify students that might be struggling in a certain topic.
  • Support struggling students will let you see exactly what areas and questions each student might be having a problem with.
  • Access a student’s progress at a glance helps with accessing a student’s growth throughout the school year and also see a student’s progress towards meeting your state standards.
  • Planning for 1 on 1 sessions helps you understand a student’s study, performance and practice history to prepare for individual coaching and teaching for each student.
  • Analytics at homes help parents review missed questions at home; identify potential trouble spots and the ability to track their progress as they improve.

IXL Learning Awards

IXL Learning has great learning tools that award students that makes learning fun.

  • Unlike traditional boring workbooks, IXL Learning offers many hours of intrigue for students, without distracting children from grasping key learning concepts.
  • One of the great ways that IXL Learning makes learning fun for kids is there are hundreds of virtual awards. Some of these virtual awards include kids embarking on treasure hunts to uncover hidden prizes or collecting stickers, stamps and balloon animals in the language courses.
  • Fourth graders can wander through the winter wonderland and enjoy the great outdoors in sixth grade or discover geometry while exploring outer space. New challenges are gradually unlocked as kids practice.
  • The more you learn the more you earn system is always inspiring kids to continue to learn while having fun.

IXL Learning Prices

IXL Learning has the following pricing plans:

Parenting Plan:

  • Single Subject for math or language arts costs $9.95 per month.
  • Combo package plan includes both math and language arts for $15.95 per month.
  • All Access package includes math, language arts, science and social studies for a cost of $19.95 per month.

All of these packages include the following in the subjects you choose:

  • Unlimited access to IXL Learning limitless practice problems
  • Content that covers over 6,000 unique topics
  • Personalized learning that adapts to your child’s level
  • Up to date tracking of your child’s progress

Educators Plan:

IXL Learning offers a 30-day free trial for educators that include the following:

  • Unlimited access to adaptive practices in thousands of skills
  • Insights to students progress with IXL Learning analytics
  • On the go practice with their apps

Educators can also request a free quote that includes a site wide license for 90 or more students that include the following:

  • Administrator tools and reports for a great view of your student’s progress.
  • Unlimited teacher accounts including the ability to share students and data.
  • A dedicated account manager that will help you with setup and management.

Whizz Education

Located in Seattle, Washington, Whizz Education began in 2004 offering math lessons. They have been awarded the following awards:

  • BETT awards winner of 2016
  • 2014 Top Homeschool Curriculum award
  • The National Parenting Council Award

Whizz Education only offers math lessons and states that they can show an average math age improvement in the first year of use.

Whizz Education Features

Whizz Education offers the following great math teaching features:

  • Online virtual tutoring in math
  • Teacher led virtual resources
  • Training and Development
  • They are trusted by schools and loved by parents

Their Math Whizz for schools includes:

  • Differential instruction
  • Transparency
  • Teacher led instructions
  • A library that includes over 1,200 math lessons
  • Real time progress reports for your school data requirements
  • Easy and intuitive lessons
  • Engaging and interactive lessons

Math Whizz for parents:

  • Provides educationally powerful content
  • A Personalized learning journey
  • A dynamic environment to keep your child engaged and motivated to learn
  • Live parental reports
  • Available anytime through your laptop or desktop computers

Whizz Education Math Courses

Whizz Education has the following math courses for the following grades:

  • Addition and subtraction grades K through 8th grade including integers and decimals for the higher grades.
  • Multiplication and division for grades K through 8.
  • Fractions for grades K through 8th grade.
  • Word problems for grades K through 8 that includes solving money problems with math and solving word problems using algebra.

This is a small example of their list of 1,200 math lessons.

Whizz Education Pricing Plans

Whizz Education has the following pricing plans:

  • Parents monthly: This plan costs $29.99 per month and can be canceled at any time. This plan provides unlimited math-whizz for each subscribed month, and this is usually cheaper than hiring a math tutor.
  • Parents yearly: The yearly plan costs $249 per year, and there are discounts for extra siblings.

The above plans also have a free trial plan and parents can choose between United States math lessons or math lessons created for the United Kingdome.

Whizz Education has a plan for teachers, where teachers can request a demo or call for a price quote.