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How to Keep Headbands Comfortable

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When it comes to beauty, you're going to hear the saying "No Pain, No Gain" more times than you'd like to. And I'm not even talking plastic surgery. The finely groomed female, and more and more prevalent, fella are finding it tough to survive in an it-hurts-to-be-so-fabulous world.

I apologize in advance; this article will not dull the pain of a Brazilian wax, but I can help you with a few other things.

Specifically, hair accessories. Namely, headbands. I love them; they're like tiaras, only plainer, simpler, more understated. But, tiaras, nonetheless. Still, they can drive a girl nuts, digging in at your temple like someone driving a nail slowly into your head. Headbands are basically the Chinese water torture of accessories. The first couple hours of the party, you're rocking your adorned crowning glory, pleased with how you've accentuated that sassy mop of yours. Then, the pain hits, you have a migraine and your begging your girlfriends to find a Tylenol, Advil, Midol - anything - amidst the gum wrappers and lint lining their clutch/bag/purse/wristlet.

Here is the solution.

Go through your books and make a small pile of them. Stand the books on their side, balancing them on a flat surface. Put the headband over the books, as if it's your head. You're going to want to make sure there are enough books to stretch the headband wider than it's current shape, but not by too much. You don't want it to break, or spread so loose that it no longer fits your head. This is a delicate balance to find, but you should be able to do it. Now, go to sleep, leaving the head band to stretch overnight. Test it in the morning to see if it's made a big enough difference. Either correct from here by leaving it for longer, adding another book, or sporting that over your lovely locks right away.

Sometimes the metal ends of headbands hurt, but the size and shape is fine. In the past, I have taken a small foam square with a sticky backing, and attached it to the ends of the headband. This stuff can be found in any scrap booking or craft store, and are used to raise paper, your headband, or even keep a dress in place that is worn without a bra.

So, fear the headband no longer, ladies. It can be conquered with a little craftsmanship and know-how.

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