John Travolta Trivia: 17 Facts About Saturday Night Fever and Grease Star John Travolta

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John Travolta trivia: movies, family, co-stars and more.

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1. John Travolta was born in 1954, in New Jersey.

2. He stands at 6' 2" (1.88 m).

3. He is married to his The Experts co-star Kelly Preston. The Experts is a comedy from 1989.

4. John and Kelly got married in 1991.

5. They had three children but lost one in 2009.

6. He is a Scientology believer.

7. Unlike most actors, he had two huge breaks in his career: One with Grease. Hit musical Grease and music/drama Saturday Night Fever made John a big star, only to follow some movies that were box office flops. Then came Quentin Tarantino’s cult hit Pulp Fiction and John has been in huge demand since.

8. He was nominated for Best Actor Oscar twice: once for his role in Saturday Night Fever (1977) and for his role in Pulp Fiction (1994).

9. Despite having first made a name for himself as a talented singer and romantic lead, John quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after action men. He plays good guys and villains quite often.

10. He plays a woman in the 2007 musical film Hairspray- not a transsexual or a cross-dresser but an actual woman. His performance was nominated for Golden Globe. Christopher Walken plays his husband.

11. Travolta has several other Golden Globe nominations and one Golden Globe win. He won the award with his role in Get Shorty.

12. His hit family/comedy series Look Who’s Talking features a baby and then the baby’s sister talking. The boy’s voice was done by Bruce Willis.

13. Michelle Pfeiffer played in Grease 2, a sequel that didn’t do well. Years later, Michelle Pfeiffer and John Travolta co-starred in Hairspray together.

14. His movie Be Cool is a sequel to Get Shorty. Get Shorty’s female lead was Rene Russo and Be Cool stars Uma Thurman.

15. After his second big break, he only had one major flop and that was the sci-fi Battlefield earth.

16. Some of his male co-stars are Nicolas Cage (Face/Off), Hugh Jackman (Swordfish), Christian Slater (Broken Arrow), Robert Duvall, Forest Whitekar (Phenomenon), Samuel L. Jackson (Basic), Dustin Hoffman (Mad City), Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, James Marsden (Hairspray), Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), Gene Hackman, Danny De Vito (Get Shorty), Vince Vaughn (Domestic Disturbance).

17. His female co-stars include Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley (Look Who’s Talking Series), Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing (Grease), Kyra Sedgwick (Phenomenon), Halle Berry (Swordfish), Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Britanny Snow (Hairspray), Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction, Be Cool), Rene Russo (Get Shorty).


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