Jansport vs High Sierra vs Herschel Supply Co: Backpacks Compared

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Those who have children going back to school will prefer Jansport for their stylish and popular school backpacks. Travelers preparing to make many plane flights will prefer High Sierra for their hybrid backpack carry-on products. Consumers focused more o

Tech advances in materials science means that backpacks are now more durable with more advanced features than ever. Here are a few major backpacks including how they compare to one another.


Jansport has an intuitive interface that allows you to find exactly the backpack that you want quickly. They also have a lifetime guarantee for their backpacks which is useful if you plan on giving them to children since they are often hard on their backpacks.


  • Free Standard Shipping and Returns on Backpacks-Most backpacks ship out for free when you buy them online. This includes the Right Pack Back Pack.
  • 15 or More Colors and Patterns-Many backpacks, such as the Right Pack Backpack have a huge host of colors and patterns you can choose. In this case, there are 15 different colors and patterns to choose from including colors like Viking Red, Desert Beige, Grey Rabbit, Orange Gold, and others. Some backpacks have more than 50 variations.
  • Comfortable Laptop Sleeve-Backpacks at Jansport such as the Right Pack come with a suede leather bottom for comfort and style. They are also rated to handle a 15-inch laptop while keeping it protected.
  • Lifetime Warranty-If you ever have your backpack wear down for whatever reason, you can return it to the Jansport warranty center and they’ll fix it for you. If they can’t, they’ll offer to replace it or refund it. You can click on “lifetime warranty” from the main page and then hit the “Click here for the warranty return form” in blue in order to get started with this. The warranty applies only to the backpack and not anything in it.


High Sierra

High Sierra has a number of hybrid backpacks that also have handles for airplane travel with telescoping handles. They have choices such as the AT-7 which work well for travelers.



  • High-Density Foam-Backpacks from High Sierra such as the AT7 has high-density foam inside instead of just polyester to keep the bag intact without making it heavy.
  • Add a Bag System-There’s a clipped handle on the front of backpacks such as the AT-7 which makes it easy  to put the bag on top of a larger wheeled upright bag.
  • Frequent Deals on Hybrid Backpacks-Backpacks such as the Ultimate Access 2.0 often have sales of 20% or more, making them a good choice for those looking to travel a bit more economically. These backpacks are often available for under $200 with plenty of size up to 20 inches or more.


Herschel Supply Co

Herschel has many backpacks for a variety of purposes such as the City Backpack which is in the mid-volume category. The site also has free ground shipping, but you have to spend more than $100 to get this.


  • Easy Volume Labels-It’s easy to tell right away how big many backpacks from Herschel are because they actually have this right in the label. An example is the “City Backpack Mid-Volume” product.
  • Extreme Zoom-in-You can click on the plus sign on a backpack page picture to get a zoomed-in interactive look at the product.
  • Air Mesh Straps-Straps for backpacks such as the City Backpack through Herschel has special padded air mesh systems which allow for more airflow in order to make the backpack more comfortable.
  • Custom Coated Poly Fabric-The Little America Backpack has special poly fabric in combination with nylon for more practical backpacking.

Head to Head


An example of a classic backpack from Jansport is the “Right Pack” Backpack which is $58. A smaller backpack with a few fewer features is the SuperBreak, which is $38.

High Sierra has more of a range in their backpacks going from $20 to nearly $500 for backpacks that are more high end. They have some school backpacks, but the emphasis seems more on airplane carry-on backpacks. An example is the High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Wheeled Backpack which starts at around $125. These backpacks are definitely meant to take more of a punishing than the school backpacks from Jansport such as the Right Pack or the SuperBreak. Jansport does have some bags that go up to $300, but these are specifically much bigger backpacks designed for multiday cruising. They seem to have few bags designed for plane travel like High Sierra. Other High Sierra backpacks like this include the Ultimate Access 2.0 that goes for $73 at the low wend.

An example of a price from Herschel Supply Co. is the City Backpack which goes for around $50.  There are some backpacks that are a little more expensive at Herschel, such as the Little America Backpack which costs $170.

Overall, Jansport seems to have the cheapest school backpacks, whereas High Sierra has more deals on backpacks that can go through a carry-on process on planes. High Sierra has more variety without going over $200 or so in price.


The “Right Pack” Backpack from Jansport is known for being weather-proof and having a comfortable strap. It also has 15 possible stylish colors and plenty of pockets including a laptop sleeve and a leather bottom. Generally the backpacks are made of polyester, such as with the SuperBreak. You can contact Jansport about backpacks through “My account” and then “contact Us.” Phone and email are available during business hours.

High Sierra has email form and phone number on their “Contact Us” page. Some of their bags have hybrid features like telescoping handles so that they can be either wheeled through the airport or worn on the back.

Herschel Supply Co. has a a zoom-in feature that’s just a bit more extreme than what Jansport has. You can definitely get a bit closer, and it’s a little easier to use. The warranty from Herschel for their backpacks isn’t as deep as what Jansport has. It’s mostly just for defects. The process for getting backpack support in Herschel seems a bit involved since all they have is an email form.

Overall, those looking for both light and strong will like backpacks such as the AT-7 from High Sierra with their high-density foam. If you’re looking more for comfort, the air mesh from Herschel’s City Backpack may be more ideal.