Scam: URL Shortener & Ad Network Thorough Review

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Sometimes something starts out very promising, but with time soon turns into disappointment. This is relevant to, which is an ad network for publishers, advertised at the time I signed up as a CPM ad network; and a url shortener for those who wan

Sometimes something starts out very promising, but with time soon turns into disappointment.  This is relevant to, which is an ad network for publishers, advertised at the time I signed up as a CPM ad network;  and a url shortener for those who want to make cash by making whichever links they post online first go through in order to show an interstitial ad first before going to the link.  Well I say for those who want to make cash, but it’s rather like microcents you probably won’t get any time soon most likely, as the payout minimum is $15 so you’ll have to send millions of people through your links first.

I not only used as a url shortener, but there was also a time I used their ad network to place CPM advertisements on my website.  It was really very nice that they were so quick and easy to sign up and use;  that you can sign up and start using their ad code immediately without all the days and weeks of waiting for “application approval” that many other ad networks try to put you off with. has ad codes that will place advertisements on your websites in the sizes 468 X 60, 300 X 250, 728 X 90, 120 X 600 and INTERSTITIAL AD.  You can also choose to have pop-ups enabled, which will make an ad pop up in a window whenever users visit your site.  Yes, website surfers hate them, but usually the website owner can earn most with the pop-up type of ad.

Getting the ads on your website is quick and easy, as it is an html code you can copy and paste on any page in your webpage’s html code.  If only was legit and paying, they might have become very popular. 

But slowly but surely my enthusiasm for was killed, as I soon realized they basically only advertise services rendered by, the owners of, in the adverts on your website.  There didn’t seem to be any other advertisers but themselves and their various services.  There was a quick stint during which they seemed to have embedded advertisements from other ad networks too, but pretty soon they were back to advertising only themselves and their own services.

But, as long as these CPM advertisements paid, I believed I may still have found a good way to monetize my websites.  For a while it seemed I was earning a little bit of income from the advertisements.  A very small income of course, as these things go, but I suppose every small little bit helps to carry your hosting cost or something.

However, then came a time I realised that these advertisements do NOT pay anymore.  Opening a support ticket about why this is so, the response came back that they’re showing more CPC ads now.  These CPC ads of course are still the exact same ones advertising’s own services, but instead of now paying website owners a microcent per exposure as they used to, they now require that these ads be clicked.  Oh no, things seemed to be going downhill from here. 

The most important thing that used to make me very happy about, is that once I request a cashout, I get a cashout within 3 days to a week.

However, those times have now disappeared and soon started ignoring cashout requests.

This is most unfortunate, because obviously the first thing that defines a website as a scam or a con, is whether they speedily pay their members what they owe them, or not.  And it seemed like was going from ok to scam in a handbasket.

The first time I had trouble with a payout request, I had been waiting almost 6 weeks for the request to be processed.   I opened a support ticket and received back a very friendly email agreeing that it was most unreasonable that they take this long to pay out, and that he will look into it a.s.a.p.

It didn't take much more than four days after that before I finally received the payout.  Maybe they just had a problem on their side?  I wasn’t going to make a fuss about it any further.

Thinking that they are probably okay now that they have paid out, I continued using their services both as an advertiser and as a publisher.

But, the next time I put in a payout request, the same thing happened again, and seems to be their modus operandi now – cashout requests go ignored.

When a month had gone by, me still waiting for the last payment, I again opened up a support ticket, by now getting quite tired of always having to keep following up cashout requests with support tickets, and received back an email that my cashout request has been received (duh!), and it will be processed “upon approval”.

The months then rolled by again, and to date, no such “approval” has taken place.  Once again I'm the fool for having trusted a site that I should have dropped like a hot coal at the first sign of scammery. 

So, in spite of’s good early days, now they seem to be nothing short of a scam, not paying what they owe their members, and being a pain in the ass.

It goes without saying that I don’t quite feel comfortable referring people to now. will most likely just frustrate them and make them feel taken advantage of.  Not to mention it's a given as far as can be judged reasonably, that they will not receive the money owes them.