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Is Having a Legal Plan Right for You?

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In an increasingly litigious society, it can be helpful to have the help to not be a victim. Anyone who has has a ticket, is worried about ID theft, needs a will, is a business owner, is buying or renting a home or needs tax help could benefit from a leg

Is having a legal plan is right for you? A common complaint I hear a great deal about is how we have become an increasingly litigious society. This is something which is said both as a fear of being sued as well as the understanding that, should someone deliberately or neglectfully harm us, we also have legal recourse. Still, many people who would desire professional legal help do not go about getting it, either because of a lack of understanding of the legal system or fear of the overall cost. Both of which are legitimate and well-founded concerns.

This is why having a legal plan might be right for you.

If you are someone who has ever or might ever:

  • Need a will or living will
  • Been in an accident or received a moving violations ticket
  • Been overcharged on a bill or received a bill which should not apply to you
  • Cancelled a service only to still receive monthly charges
  • Signed a rental or real estate contract
  • Had concerns about identity theft
  • Been treated unfairly by a landlord, rental agency and/or lost a security deposit
  • Been audited or in need of assistance regarding an issue with the IRS

There are so many reasons why it is beneficial to have a pre-paid attorney.

My own personal belief and experience is that having access to some sort of legal plan enables us not to be a victim when facing adversity.

In full disclosure:  I will admit to my own bias regarding this matter as I work with a company which provides pre-paid legal plans, which is listed in my bio. Still, what I have found and believe with all of my heart is that this is a service everyone should have. For one thing, almost anyone has been in at least some of the scenarios listed above and possibly others not mentioned.

If you decide that getting a legal plan is right for you, I strongly encourage you to do as much research as possible to find the right company and the right plan for you and your family. When doing research, find out what services each plan provides and compare it to your needs. Some companies may have many different plans you can choose from, which may even vary from state to state. Find out how easily you have access to an attorney or to legal forms. Do they offer help for “pre-existing” legal conditions? Do they offer any assistance regarding identity theft protection?

As the FTC claims that approximately 9 million Americans have been victims of identity theft, this should be a top concern. It is a myth to assume that identity theft only happens to those with good credit as the fastest types of identity theft involve theft for immigration, medical and tax reasons - which may never affect your credit even if the IRS garners your wages due to what an ID theft did. In the news, people have been arrested due to the crimes committed by people who have stolen their identity. If you are having your credit monitored by an agency, they might not be aware if your identity is being used for non-credit reasons and might not offer any assistance to you should you discover that your identity has been compromised. This leaves you spending hours and large sums of money trying to repair that damage, all the while more damage may still be occurring.

Even if you are someone who has access to an attorney, perhaps on retainer or as a member of your family, chances are you do not have 24-hour access in case of emergency, nor could that attorney assist you should a problem arise in a state where he or she is not licensed to practice. For example, if you and your attorney live in Los Angeles but you are being sued for an accident which happened in Las Vegas, there may not be much your attorney can do for you. For that reason, finding a plan which gives you access to attorneys in all states should be a priority, as well as having 24-hour emergency access. Even if you have an attorney on retainer, chances are you are paying more for that attorney than the monthly fee of most legal plans.

Clearly I am hoping that you decide such a plan is right for you and you choose to go with my company. I feel extremely confident about the services we provide in all of the circumstances I have mentioned and more. Still, the important thing to remember is to do your research and feel good about whatever you decide. For my company, feel free to contact me or click on the link in my bio, which includes information as well as a short movie regarding family plans. I would be delighted to answer any questions for you either through Factoidz or through my site. Should you sign up with my company, I would appreciate it if you would use my link as I am one of their sales associates or contact me.

Whatever you decide, the most important factor is to do what is right by your conscience. I absolutely encourage and affirm your right to educate yourself as much as possible before making any decision.

I hope this information has helped. Good luck in your search and please feel free to contact me with questions should they arise.

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