Iron Arms Rotating Forearm Grips

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This is a review for Iron Arms, a forearm muscle building product, created by Ontel Products Corporation, who also makes Iron Gym. This is a device for anyone seeking improvement in forearm strength, sports that require constant use of the forearms, and

Iron Arms, created by Ontel Products Corporation, who also created the Iron Gym product, is a portable product that helps train and strength your forearms.  Endorsed by Rich Franklin, a former UFC Middleweight Champion, Iron Arms utilizes steel spring resistance to help you gain larger extension muscles and stronger flexor muscles.  You can perform the exercises with an inward movement for an extensor workout and an outward movement for a flexor workout.  You can workout with one or two hands, and you can use the resistance to perform the motions with different speeds.  Users have experienced a burn in their wrists, especially when holding the same workout position for an extended amount of time.  In addition to helping you increase the amount of weight you lift in the gym, it can give you great results for baseball, tennis, martial arts, golf, bowling, basketball, rock climbing, and more.  You can also workout the bicep peak as well.  It is another easy piece of equipment to take with you to stay healthy on the road.  

Last week, I bought the Iron Arms Rotating Forearm Grips from Dicks Sporting Goods.  I figured for $19.99 and a money back guarantee, it was worth a try.  After a week's use, I am already seeing improvements when I am lifting weights for my chest workouts.  My wrists also do not hurt as much after I do a five minute boxing workout on a heavy punching bag. However, it can be difficult for absolute beginners to working out.  The outward movement is more difficult than the inward movement.  The outward movement can also cause a little discomfort in your wrists if they are not strong enough to handle the workout.  You may need to work your wrists out in addition to using the Iron Arms.  I will be working out my wrists with grips, reverse, and regular wrist curls to supplement the Iron Arms at least until I can workout without discomfort in my wrists. 

I began to do ten semi-fast repetitions of flexor workouts, then immediately after, I will do ten semi-fast repetitions of extensor workouts.  I will repeat the same amount of exercise for four sets.  I have not been able to only use one hand yet.  I used it four times last week.  I try to use Iron Arms at least every other day after my regular gym workout.  This week I will mix the slow and fast repetitions in the same set to increase the burn and shock the muscles. 

Generally, the customer comments have been more positive than negative on sites such as Amazon.  The customer comments helped influence my decision to buy Iron Arms.  So far, I feel positively about Iron Arms, and I am looking forward to seeing my results next month.  


Kimberley Heit
Posted on Mar 4, 2012
Posted on Feb 28, 2012