Intuitive Flashes, Coincidence, and Synchronicity

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The intellect does not learn according to intuitive flashes, coincidences, and synchronicity. It learns by analysis and repeating a lesson over and over again until it becomes a brain skill. A brain skill is not a natural ability because it takes time to

There are some things we know intuitively. For instance, we intuitively know that a sudden flash of intuitive realization that dawns in our mind is not intellectual, although the intellect is inadvertently given credit for this flash. Because the intellect relies on analysis to reason or understand, it cannot understand or reason with intuition. Being unable to analyze or understand where this flash comes from, it discounts its value and takes credit for what it does not have the ability to wholly appreciate.

Another aspect the intellect cannot analyze is a chance meeting that shifts the direction of ones life. From an intellectual perspective, this is called a coincidence, or a chance meeting. Can a chance meeting that does not carry odds of occurring ever, be called just a coincidence? Perhaps there is another aspect of reality that has not yet been defined that would allow us to accept coincidences as part of a Master Plan that leads us down a path that we would not have taken if this "coincidence" had not intervened in our life to show us another direction.

Synchronicity means being in the right place at the right time. Intellectually, this is just something that happens and there is no underlying purpose. But intuitively we understand that there was meaning in this synchronized connection. This chance connection allowed us to see beyond what we intellectually believed to reveal something else. Many times when life is re-examined, we remember that it was this one synchronized encounter that supplied an answer that we were looking for, but could not figure out on our own.

The intellect, when not being used to define a physical skill, is the ego. The emotional advice it perscribes is conflicted, confusing, dishonest, and filled with deception. Its purpose is to hide truth, and thus does not value learning from intuitive flashes, coincidences, or synchronized events.

The intellect itself learns by analysis and repeating a lesson over and over again until it becomes a brain skill. A brain skill is not a natural ability because it takes time to learn. A natural ability is inherent, or is the emotional equipment that came standard in our DNA. It allows us to intuitvely understand something that makes no sense to the intellect. The ego is an aspect of the intellect. It is used to place false value on pure emotional integrity. It does this by keeping us in emotional turmoiland locked in deception . It is this emotional turmoil and deception that prevents us from making a helpful conscious choice.

Standard DNA emotional equipment can be used for good, or it can be used for a purpose that does not support honest emotional integrity. When the higher placement of emotional value falls under the scrutiny and direction of the ego/intellect, the natural ability used to exhibit an intellectual skill becomes contaminated with a need to get. This is called justifying purpose that is not helpful. Needing to get, without the necessary purity of emotional integrity to be honest, leads to greed, theft, and unimaginable crimes. It is only through ego conflict that these kinds of crimes are possible to contemplate.

There are times that an intuitive flash, coincidence, or synchronicity interferes with an ego devised plan to get, and a personal direction is changed. This is called an instant of sanity. This can only occur if the ego/intellect is set aside for a helpful answer. In physical terms, this interference is called a conscience. But even conscience will not necessarily lead to a favorable outcome because conscience cannot give a solution. It only has the ability to perceive feelings that what is being done is inappropriate. These are feelings that are difficult to ignore, but with once reliance on the ego is established, it is easy to override conscience.

The ego/intellect will offer two opposing views that are conflicted and confusing. We consciously do not know what to do because there does not appear to be a clear cut way to make a good choice. These two opposing views are internal and supplied by what is believed by the individual will serve as a way out of a dilemma . What is believed comes from ones upbringing. On one hand, it may be believed that what one is doing is wrong, but on the other hand, if this wrong is not committed, it is believed that the individual will be deprived of what they want.

Before we commit any act, the action must be first justified in our mind. For instance, if I was contemplating stealing something from my place of employment, there would be a part of me that would know this was wrong, but another part of me would explain why it was OK for me to take something that did not belong to me. The belief that I must come to a choice based on what these two analysis tell me is not only wrong, both lead in a direction of self denial.

The Self carries a natural ability that is inherent within because it comes with emotional standard equipment that we were born with. This natural ability gives us access to intuitive flashes, coincidences, and synchronicity.  However, because the intellect is unaware of this natural choice, it goes right for what it does understand, which is in the conflict between what it believes it can or can't justify. If it can justify taking, I will steal. If it cannot justify beyond guilt, I will not have what I want and my Self will feel derpived.

The conflict goes like this; on one hand, the ego/ intellect reasons it can get what it wants by stealing. On the other hand, if it steals I will harbor guilt. The way a guilty act is justified is through blame. Blaming someone else for an action the ego/intellect perpetrated is a way to alleviate guilt, but it never really works. I may thing that my boss is unfair, and this will justify the action of stealing. But guilt cannot be justified in any way, shape, or form. There is also no justification for stealing, and there is also no justification for lack, except that this is believed. Now I am at a crossroad. If I take what I want, I will feel guilty. If I do not take what I want, I will feel deprived. So, what is the solution?

The other choice in the matter is never addressed because the ego/intellect does not understand what it is. It only sees 2 choices, and these are the choices it has given to promote what it believes will result in a sane solution, but this solution is clearly insane. If we listen to the ego/intellect, we will feel deprived, or we will feel guilty because we followed through on what we knew was wrong. The worst scenario is getting caught doing something illegal, and thus be held accountable by the laws that punish bad behavior. Regardless of what the choice is, there is a lot of anxiety involved. Anxiety comes from not being able to make a reasonable choice.

What if we knew that there was a reasonable choice? Would this alleviate the anxiety? Not at first, for this choice requires that we set aside the choices that ego/intellect has presented to us, and remain in peace until we receive what we have asked for in honesty. 

Learning to listen to this other choice requires trust. It also requires patience and a willingness to honor the Self. Honesty, patience, and trust are called fruits of the spirit, and it is this spirit that honors the Self. The ego/intellect does not honor the Self because it does not appreciate it or understand what it is for. The intellect itself respects analysis, and the ego thrives on conflict along with the unnatural fear that arises from the inability to make a reasonable choice. As the conflict intensifies, the anxiety level increases until the choice is made, but neither choice offered by the intellectual/ego is really helpful.

Because it is not within the realm of the spirit to deprive the Self, the means to answer questions that the Self presents has been given. It is the Self that belongs to the pureness of higher emotional integrity, and it is the Self that must be given the time necessary to hear the solution. This is the solution that comes to the one who consciously waits in peace; trusting that the answer will come at the perfect time.

This answer is a blessing for everyone concerned. No one looses, and the Gift that is released in time goes out and blesses the whole world. This is a Universal Gift defined as a miracle that must extend and increase in value. It comes to the one who waits for the intuitive flash, a coincidence, or a synchronized event that will answer the question posed once and for all.

This is the miracle blessing we all have come to bring to a world that is starving to be treated fairly. The real solution frees us and our world from the unjust practices contrived by the ego. It is a way that will teach us how to give instead of get in every circumstance. It is a lesson in real emotional value, and is defined as living integrity. It is emotional honesty that has not yet been explored, and will offer new solutions to any problem by giving new value to a world that has learned to exist on deceptive practices that smile to our face, while stabbing us in the back.

How this information is being offered is through a Universal Plan called One Wholeness Now. This Plan offers another choice. It is a choice that is dependent on the miracle intervention defined as intuitive flashes, coincidences, and synchronicity. Understanding the emotional integrity necessary to consistently use this Self value is imperative to the survival of our world.

Everyone could all use a little more intuitive flashes, coincidences and synchronicity. The next time you have a choice to make, wait for it to come to you instead of chasing an answer.Learning this way is a Universal promise, and this kind of promise must be kept. It was born from emotional integrity our world has not yet learned, but it is time to learn.


Posted on Jul 6, 2012
Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on Jul 6, 2012