Interesting Facts About Lapu-Lapu of Mactan: The First Filipino Hero

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An article that relates interesting and significant historical facts about Lapu-Lapu, the first Filipino Hero.

The Philippines is a wonderful country with rich culture and history. It is home to the brave and the free. Filipinos are freedom-loving people as proven by Lapu-Lapu and other heroes. Datu Lapu-Lapu of Mactan is regarded by Filipino historians as the first hero of the Philippines.

Ask a young Filipino student who killed Ferdinand Magellan and he/she will promptly answer – “Lapu-Lapu”. Who is Lapu-Lapu? Scroll down to find out!

1.) Lapu-Lapu was born in 1491 and died in1542 CE and was the datu or chieftain of the island of Mactan in the Visayas.

2.) Lapulapu is known as the first native of the archipelago to have resisted Spanish colonization which is why he is regarded as the first Filipino hero.

3.) On April 27, 1521, Lapu-Lapu led his Mactan warriors in a battle against Ferdinand Magellan known as the Battle of Mactan where Magellan and several of his men were killed.

4.) Lapu-Lapu was a Muslim Iranun Chieftain and was also known as "Kaliph Pulaka" or Cali Pulacu.

5.) Mariano Ponce, a Filipino propagandist used a variant name, "Kalipulako", as one of his pseudonyms.


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