Interesting Facts About Ferrari

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Facts about Ferrari, Ferrari's cars and grand prix results.

Ferrari is probably the most known car brand in the whole world. Ferrari has a huge history of success in races and has built some of the greatest road cars ever as well. Let's find out some facts about Ferrari.

  • The founder of Ferrari is Enzo Ferrari. He was born on February 18, 1898 in Modena. He was employed as an Alfa Romeo driver in 1920 but later he became the manager of the racing department.
  • One of Ferrari's first projects was the Bimotore, a single seater car that had two engines; one for the front and one for the rear wheels.
  • The first Grand Prix won by a Ferrari was the 1949 Swiss GP. Alberto Ascari was the winner.
  • In 1949 a Ferrari won the Le Mans race for the first time.
  • The Testa Rossa name was given to the 3L V12 engine in 1958 because the cam shafts were red. Testa Rossa means red head.
  • Ferrari was nearly bought by Ford in 1963. The deal collapsed when Enzo Ferrari asked to be the manager of the racing department and Ford refussed. Ford then built the GT40.
  • Phil Hill won the 1960 Italian GP. It was the last GP won by a front-engined car; the Ferrari Dino 246.
  • Ferrari was finally bought by Fiat in 1969. Enzo Ferrari was still in charge of the racing department, while Fiat was in control of the road car production.
  • Enzo Ferrari died at the age of 90, on August 14, 1988.
  • Alain Prost's French GP win was the 100th for Ferrari.
  • The F50 was Ferrari’s half-century celebration. Only 349 were made. They were sold $557,000 each.
  • Ferrari is the most successfull Formula 1 constructor. Ferrari has the most driver and constructor championships, most pole positions and most race wins.
  • The most powerful road car Ferrari has ever built is the Ferrari Enzo. It produces 660 bhp.
  • The best selling Ferrari of all is the 328 GTS. 6,068 of them were made.
  • Maserati was one of Ferrari's biggest rivals. Now, Ferrari runs Maserati for Fiat.
  • Until 1981, all Ferrari racing cars were built at Maranello. In 1982 a new plant was built next to the Fiorano test track, which is owned by Ferrari.
  • The typical Ferrari red color was the color assigned by the International Automobile Federation to the Italian cars competing in grand prix races early in the 20th century.
  • Out of the 400 Enzo Ferraris made, so far 14 have been totalled.