Increase Your Website's Traffic with Alexa

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Alexa traffic rank is purely about the amount of visits your website gets. Learn how to Alexa can help increase your website's traffic.

If you don't know what Alexa traffic ranking is, it is a toolbar, an application that keeps track of your website's traffic, or any website for that matter. It monitors the page views, and how many visits your website gets. To see what your Alexa traffic rank is, go to and download the toolbar. Follow the directions, then sit back and let the toolbar bring up the numbers for you.

Alexa is not about content, or linking peers. It is not like Google page rank. With Google page rank you could have a Page Rank 6 and only have 10 visitors a day. Alexa is purely about the amount of traffic to your site. If I was an advertiser, I would look for traffic rank, and not so much page rank. It makes sense to me that if I am trying to get the word out, I want a website with loads of traffic. The more traffic the more people are viewing the advertisement.

I was completely at lost at one point when I was working hard to build traffic and saw that my Alexa traffic rank was at a standstill, literally for a week at 250,000’s. I was shocked because Alexa is known to be volatile. And it should be, because your website doesn't have the same amount of visitors or traffic every day, unless you're one of the big guys, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, or Facebook. Recently I read that Alexa goes by a three month average. Not an average as in median but more in terms of a three month's performance.

The three months performance made sense as we discuss another case and point. In July & August my numbers took a big hit for being away, and being busy with life. Even after I came back regularly, I watched my numbers eat up something like 30,000 more pages, from 170,000's to 200,000's. What this is telling me the efforts or the recent traffic might not be accounted immediately.

Beyond the assistance of website hosting that we sometimes take for granted. I built Self Sagacity's traffic by hard work, so seeing this discouraged me somewhat. But I kept doing what I love and try to forget about the numbers. It wasn't until October that my Alexa rankings started going down steadily, and I have been an ecstatic fool. I don't want to think of the bubble burst, or what it all means at this point. But I am close to going under 100,000! Yet it is not one of my goals, and I am not pursuing it at this point. There is too much competition, and it is not good for my blood pressure.

So let's sum it up and I will leave you today with a tip in how to increase your Alexa traffic ranking. Aside from all your support to build your website's traffic, try installing the Alexa toolbar, the more visitors to your website with the Alexa toolbar, the more your traffic rank will be counted. One of the ways Alexa gather data on which sites are popular and which are not is by the toolbar usage. For example, when you surf the web with your Alexa toolbar you are casting votes for the sites you visit. The more times you visit a site and the more pages you view while there, the more important you are saying the site is. Alexa is like the reader's choice ranking system, which means that your frequent followers / readers are the ones casting the votes on your site. Now how you can make it happen will be up to you.