Impressively Fascinating Rock Formations of New Zealand

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Here’s a list of spectacular rock formations that you can find in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Here’s a list of spectacular rock formations that you can find in the beautiful country of New Zealand. These impressive geological formations are popular tourist destinations in the country.

Moeraki Boulder

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This boulder is one of the many Moeraki Boulders. This particular boulder shows its hollow interior. Some writers call this unusual rock formation “Split Apple”.

Natural Vase

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This peculiar rock formation resembles a vase hence it was called Natural Vase. This vase-like rock formation is located on Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

Rock Carvings

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This intriguing rock formation with carvings is located in Lake Taupo. The rock which shows some rock carvings was photographed by Philo Vivero.

Cape Farewell Arch

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This wonderful natural arch rock formation is located at Cape Farewell on northernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island.

Hole in the Rock

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You’ve already seen this awesome rock formation in my article about natural arches and bridges. They call this natural arch Hole in the Rock. It is located in Piercy Island in Bay of Islands.

Lion Rock

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They call this rock formation the Lion Rock. It is located in Piha, a coastal settlement in Northern New Zealand. The beach where the Lion Rock is located is one of the most popular beaches in the area and a major day-trip destination for Aucklanders throughout the year especially during summer.

Nugget Point

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Nugget Point is located of the coast of Otago. It is one of the most iconic landforms on the area and is home to many seabirds like fur seals, gannets, penguins and spoonbills. There is also a 76 meter tall lighthouse in the area which was built in 1869.

Wairere Boulders

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These unusual large basalt rock formations are called the Wairere Boulders. They are located in the Hokianga, in the northernmost part of the country. The area, where these odd-looking creations of nature are located, has been transformed into a park area to enable visitors to view them. In addition to its uniqueness, it is the only valley worldwide which is formed by basalt boulders sitting on a clay base.

Putangirua Pinnacles

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These peculiar rock formations are located in Wairarapa district, New Zealand. The Putangirua Pinnacles are geological formation consist of numerous hoodoos or earth pillars. These rock formations are estimated to be less than 125,000 years of age. They are also commonly referred to as the Pinnacles.

Pancake Rocks

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If your favorite breakfast meal is pancake, you will never run out of supply if you’re living near the Pancake Rocks…lol… These pancake-like rock formations are located near Punakaiki, New Zealand. These odd-looking rocks are a very popular tourist spot at Dolomite Point.

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