Important Reminders To Have A Normal Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a normal event of life, but abnormalities can't be avoided sometimes. Here are some important reminders you must keep in mind to have a normal pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a normal event of every woman’s life. Others though misapprehend it as a disease which must be changed. Whether you are a man, a woman or a child, it is a responsibility to suffice your self with factual information about pregnancy. It is important that the knowledge you gather are correct and accurate to break any misconceptions. If possible, scrutinize the sources where you got the information so you don’t just have to believe heresys and gossips you heard from the neighborhood.

Even though pregnancy is a normal event of life and no matter how well the mother is taking care of herself, it cannot sometimes be avoided that abnormalities occur. It can be due to genetics where one of her family members has that condition as well, or acquired, when it only appears during the course of her pregnancy. Mostly, these abnormalities affect both the baby and the mother. At times it can even put one of them or both their lives at stake. No one likes to choose between the life of the mother and the child of whom to save, right? So for you to have a normal preganacy all the way, here are some reminders to guide you for a normal pregnancy that you should not miss to do and not to do:

• OB check up. As soon as you doubt you are pregnant, immediately check on a pregnancy test to confirm. Then show it to your OB so that she can assess you more and give you proper advise on how to take care of yourself and the baby and when do you need to visit her again. She will also be giving you prescriptions of supplements like iron, vitamin C, A, calcium, etecetera to keep you healthy. It is very important that you follow your OB’s advise most especially on regular visits.

• Read more about pregnancy. Don’t just rely on the information that comes from your OB. It is very helpful that you keep on reading too. Include the topics about the growth and development of the fetus so that you will also be aware what is happening inside your womb and your tummy. Your OB may not be patient enough to lecture this in detail with you.

• Eat more nutritious foods. The most important foods that you should always have on your meal are fruits and vegetables for the organ development during the early stage of pregnancy. Protein-rich foods like fish and lean meat are also helpful for the baby’s growth on the mid-part of pregnancy. Knowing the growth and development of the fetus will guide you what food are needed much at evry stage of pregnancy. If you are nausiec in the morning, eating dry foods like crackers are recommended.

• Exercise. The rationale behind why you need to have an exercise is to strengthen your lungs and heart. These organs carry much heavier work during the term of pregnancy than the others. Having conditioned heart and lungs can aid you during the course of labor and most especially during the delivery. So have light cardiovascular exercise to prepare you on your due date.

• Rest and relaxation. You must know that you shouldn’t overstress your self. Have an ample amount of rest and sleep everyday. Relax from time to time in between your activities.

• Have some candies in your pocket. Since you have a competiton with every food you take in, it is no wonder you will feel dizzy at times. It means that your sugar level is low. Therefore, having candies in your pocket at all times is an emergency remedy. It temporary though, so head on the pantry immediately when you feel better and make your self a sandwich. But if it doesn’t make you any better, ask for help.

• What to Avoid: Salty foods. Pregnant women can be prone to hypertension (eclampsia). One reason can be traced from over-eating salty foods. Avoid dried fish, processed foods, canned goods, tomato sauce, ketchup, and foods from fast food chains. You wouldn’t know how much salt content in evry food you buy, if possible, prepare your own food and check the back label of the packet for the nutritional content. Fatty foods must also be taken in moderate amount as this can contribute to preeclampsia too.


Linda Smith
Posted on May 5, 2011
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Posted on May 5, 2011