Why Water is So Important for Our Planet and Why We Must Treat It with Respect

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Importance of water

Water is so important it is needed frequently in order for your existence to continue. It's fascinating. If we don't drink it, we shrivel up and die. We don't just die, we horribly suffer until we become so hydrated our heart stops. H2O rules all.

It's not just humans. Mammals spend their days trying to find it or defend it, fish need it for their entire habitat, and even bacteria needs moisture to grow. Anything you look at throughout your day is shaped by water. Life, rocks, plants, animals, and even buildings (I can assure you much water was needed to make whatever it is you're looking at appear as it is. ).

It's clear and has no color. It is liquid. An it's nothing but a paradox needing something so plain in order to survive. I might be going a little overboard with my water fetish but the whole thing is so crazy to me.

Every precious drop should be cherished. I'm not saying we should stop bathing or watering plants, just offering a little insight to the importance of the material that we all come to see daily. Water is more important than gold or diamonds. Yet we don't get into a tub full of gold or diamonds. Ironic eh?

I'm thinking about organizing an extravagant water party. It shall take place around the perimeter of Lake Erie. Each and every water sport vehicle will be transported to Miss Erie, and they will all engage in the activities they were made for. Around the lake various water plants will have massive tables set up. Poland Spring, Dasani, Aquafina, etc. You name the water bottlers, and they'll be there. Everyone will be either swimming, drinking bottled water, or eating icicles. No exceptions. And it will be raining the entire.

That would be something.

Unfortunately, that can't be organized, and there's a 99.9999%  chance that this will never occur in the future of humans. But there are subtle aspects of "The Lake Erie Festival of the Celebration of Water in Reverie of Life" (LEFCWRL) that we can all take with us. Here they are:

-Water is not infinite. Atoms can break. Drought is real. Don't be dumb.

-Water should be celebrated in reverence to all life.

-Taking water for granted is like burning money, offing limbs, castration, etc.

-If I were a tree I'd be very upset that we are taking all the luscious water

-Weathermen need moisture to have a job. No make tons of cool dudes unemployed.

We should treat our water with respect, because if we don't we will all die. Have a good day/night!