Importance of Hobbies and Leisure Activities for Kids

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Hobbies and leisure activities play an important role in our lives and all age people can get benefits from these recreational activities.

Hobbies and leisure activities play an important role in our lives and all age people can get benefits from these recreational activities. Our kids are usually busy with watcing tv, playing video games, or online social networking sites, but if you check their daily routines they don't have time for hobbies which can stimulate their mind and body in healthy way. Watching tv, playing video games or internet can be good pass times but these activities are not a good alternative of 'Hobbies'

Some facts about hobbies and leisure activities:

People who have a hobby are generally healthier." This comment is from director of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University. Not only in sense of emotional or physical health, hobbies are good for us in many ways.

"When people do things that make them feel good, like a hobby, it activates an area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens that controls how we feel about life", said Dr. S. Ausim Azizi, chairman of the department of neurology at Temple University’s School of Medicine in Philadelphia who studies brain activity and cell signaling. "Activities you enjoy also stimulate the brain’s septal zone — its “feel good” area — and that makes you feel happy", said Dr. Azizi.

Importance of hobbies and leisure activities for kids:

'Indian Child' explains it:

"Stress seems to be a predominant ingredient of human existence. No matter how old a person is, one is forever chasing goals. Sad, but true, even kindergarten kids are under pressure to excel in their class. They are burdened with more to learn. And as a child grows academically competition increases, which causes even more stress. Amongst adolescents there is a need to work and study at the same time in order to get that plum job after university. Adults are busy making a living. And in this rat race called life, one just forgets themselves.

Hobby is any leisure activity that diverts an individual from their daily strenuous like. Or it also plays the role of keeping the unoccupied, occupied with something to do. As, in the latter case an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Indulging in a hobby actually does away with the boredom that sets in due to the monotonous life one gets used to. Certain hobbies also help release pent-up frustrations."

Benefits of hobbies:

- Hohhies Give children confidence -hobbies provide a sense of personal accomplishment, bolstering self-esteem. If children get positive feedback from their skills and hobbies, they’re less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

- Encourage reading - Hobbies are the gateway to learning, as well as transforming even lazy readers into avid ones. Most often, kids don’t enjoy reading because they’re not interested in the books put before them. However, once you discover their passions, reading just falls into place naturally, when they read about their hobbies.

- Educate - While reading about their hobbies, children develop a hunger for knowledge, maybe without even realizing it. For example, take rock collecting. After collecting some rocks and shells, your junior geologist will most likely want to know more about her (or his) collection, as she researches and studies.

- Teach goal-setting - Children learn to set goals and make their own decisions when they get absorbed in hobbies.

- Can lead to lifetime careers - Hobbies not only mature kids, but also can lead to lifetime career choices. When James G. of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida got his first racing bike in middle school, he went on to work in a bike shop and today, in his mid-twenties, he manages the shop.

Hobbies and collections are a great way to have fun, learn, and make friends. Most hobbies have clubs kids can join or kids can just do a hobby by themselves. Hobbies can bring some interest and spice to to our life beyond TV and video games.

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