Importance of Being Adequately Staffed

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Why should you care if your company is adequately staffed? It goes much further than having good morale and providing excellent service; your health could be at risk!

There are many reasons a company should be adequately staffed. We all know certain companies have high turnover rates, some more than others; and there will inevitably be times when the workload is heavier and people are on vacations, among other reasons, when we are busier than usual and shortstaffed. However, being short-staffed on a constant basis for an extended period of time is not only bad for the company, but bad for the employees as well.


Being short-staffed and overworked will often create an increase in errors. No company wants a bunch of errors, whether you are working with money at a bank or loan company, with medications at a hospital, with files at an office job, or almost any job! I am sure if the owners of the company could eliminate errors, they would be happy to do it, right? Not if they are consistently short-staffed!

Low Morale

Often times, employees who have a heavier burden than they are used to or who have been constantly stressed from doing more work than they can handle will begin to get low morale and a negative image of the company and of their job. Who would want to come to work day in and day out only to feel as though there is not enough help to ever get all the work done on time and correctly? Who wants to head to their job knowing full well it will likely be busy and stressful for the entire shift? Not most people, me included!

When people's attitudes start to change, and it doesn't often take long, they usually become more moddy and stressed. This could be reflected back to your customers by the staff not providing the level of service they should. Exhaustion and low morale really are not good for a company. Staff may even begin to talk badly about the company as a whole, when it really may be an excellent company, but at their location they are overworked because of lack of staffing.

Workers may resent the fact that work is piled on them day in and day out when there should clearly be more employees to help with the load and lessen the burden on them. Performance levels for the company or that particular location will likely plummet, which can have a great impact on the company. No business wants a bad reputation.

Stress on Workers

Constant stress can greatly impact one's health. If an employee is frequently carrying the load of what should be two or three employees, they will likely become stressed. Some effects of stress can include exhaustion, lack of concentration, change in appetite, loss of sleep or different sleeping patterns, moodiness, depression, and more. I doubt these are things most employers seek when doing their hiring, but an excellent employee can sadly be shaped into a person with these issues if there is not adequate staffing. This can also lead to employees needing to take time off to get back to health, which will in turn create even further staffing issues!

Still touching upon the health issue, with all the new health insurance laws and whatnot going into effect, most companies are offering incentives for the employees to stop smoking, be the appropriate weight, etc. When workers are stressed out, their health will certainly suffer eventually.


Finally, as if errors, low morale, service not up to par, and declining health of employees weren't enough, many employees will not put up with inadequate staffing and heavy work burdens and will seek other jobs that are more fair and less detrimental to their health and wellness as a whole.

In order to keep employees happy with high morale, optimal health and happiness in the workplace, and errors to a minimum, companies must provide appropriate training and staffing in the workplace. Sometimes it's difficult to keep good staff on hand, but it is an essential part of a well-oiled company not only for the benefit of the employees, but also for the company itself.


Christy Birmingham
Posted on May 13, 2012
Patrick Regoniel
Posted on Jul 18, 2010