Ikea vs Wayfair vs Overstock: Pricing, Shipping & Coupons Comparison

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IKEA is ideal for those who want to remodel their kitchens due to the huge savings percentages from coupons offered. Wayfair has fast shipping turnaround and delivery times and specializes in back to school programs. Overstock is geared towards those maki

Pricing, shipping and coupons are some of the most important factors to consider when looking for furniture online. Here’s a comparison of some of the top online furniture stores.


IKEA has a wide range of furniture with a variety of special coupons and deals. They’re especially good for those who want to go to stores locally. You can contact them for orders at 1-800-434-4532 using option number 4. Their hours are 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Saturday EST, and 9 to 10 on Sunday.


  • Ask Anna-Anna is an automated chat bot that can help you find answers to questions including about pricing or anything related to Ikea.
  • Email Support-The site has a few different options for contacting them via email including for missing parts or editing orders. This way the support staff on the other end will know exactly how to help.
  • Free Mattress Removal-When you join the IKEA Family program, you get free mattress removal with each paid delivery.
  • High Level of Kitchen Satisfaction-A study by J.D. Power was done in 2014 which showed that based on 1740 consumer responses over 10 different companies, IKEA had the highest positive reaction from customers buying kitchen cabinets.
  • IKEA Family Loyalty Program-You can join this for free and it has a few benefits to it. You get extra discounts and deals. You also get access to $100 IKEA gift card sweepstakes, free coffee at every store, and an  extra 30 minutes in Smaland for children. This depends on the stores current capacity however.


Wayfair has a bit more of a focus on online orders than IKEA does, but it still has an impressive selection.


  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49- Exceptions include large fixtures, home improvement, commercial items and items being shipped outside of the continental U.S. among others.
  • 48 Hours Fast Shipping Turnaround-Over 480,000 items are shipped out within 48 hours.
  • Google Trusted Store-Wayfair has a partnership with Google and the STELLA service. Google also offers $1000 free protection on fraudulent orders and they assist in resolving issues between Wayfair and the company.
  • High Customer Service Stats- The monitoring from STELLA indicates that 99.9% of orders occur without escalation. As of summer 2014, the email response time is 6-12 hours, and 96% of the shipping is on-time in 3-5 days on average.
  • Free In-Home Delivery-Some items not only ship for free, but they have in-home delivery so the delivery personnel will place it right in your house.
  • Wayfair Rewards-This gives you 3% return on every purchase. You also get $10 back for referrals where they spend $100. This can also give you free shipping on items that aren’t already free to ship.


Overstock has even more of a focus on online orders that any of the other two sites.


  • 10% Off Next Purchase-If you sign up and give them an email address, you can get 10% off the next purchase you make.
  • Free Shipping on Orders over $50-This is a similar deal as you get with other sites such as Wayfair.
  • Club O Rewards Program-You get a number of extras if you pay $5 a month. This includes free shipping on all orders no matter what, as well as 5% rewards on all orders. This amount can go as high as a 40% return depending on the item. The program claims that they’ll make up the difference to you if the savings don’t make up for the price of subscription.
  • Flash Deals-Deals come up for a limited amount of time, usually a day or so on a regular basis. These deals allow you to save $50 or more on the products they list.
  • Android App-This app actually won the 2013 Mobile-Web award for Best Retail Mobile Application. It makes it easy to find deals no matter where you are.
  • Google Trusted Store-Overstock also has the $1000 protection from Google, and as of summer 2014 they have 99.9% escalation free orders, with a response time of 12-24 hours and a delivery time of 5-7 days on average. They have a 30 day return policy and a return processing time of 4 days.

Head to Head


An example of pricing at Ikea includes the Ektorp Sofa which is $499.

Wayfair has a similar called them Covert-a-Couch Sleeper Sofa for $433.

A Convert-a-Couch Sofa from Overstock goes for around $468.

So it seems Wayfair may have the cheapest prices on comparable sofas.


Shipping at Ikea is based on factors including where you’re shipping to and whether you’re just picking up or getting it delivered from online. An example of their shipping costs includes a minimum cost of $15 to Plymouth, Massachusetts with a weight under 70 pounds and an order value under $200. The EKTORP Sofa costs at around $99 to ship.

Wayfair starts off with a free shipping program for orders that come out to more than $49. There are some exceptions, but it does even apply to really large furniture. Even if you’re ordering under $49, there’s a flat rate of $5 for most purchases. As of 2014, the average ship time is 3-5 days and 96% of the orders get there on time.

Overstock gives free shipping on orders of $50 or more. If you pay for their Club O program at $5 a month, you get free shipping on everything. Their shipping is 99% on time according to Google, and they deliver in 5-7 days.


IKEA focuses especially on Kitchen coupons. They have 20% off of any kitchen order where you spend more than $4500.

Wayfair has coupons including a 10% coupon for making your first purchase that you access by giving them your email. They also frequently have deals such as back to school deal that has up to 70% off on related items like mirrors and storage items. The rewards program also gives you 3% off every order.

Overstock has the standard 10% off coupon for your first purchase. They also give you flash deals daily, and coupons that give you up to 40% back on select orders if you join the Club O program. Overstock also has a huge number of coupons including $20 off $50 purchase, and other coupons that apply to just about every category you can think of.