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Ignatia Amara: A Homeopathic Remedy

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Ignatia amara is a homeopathic remedy used for a variety of complaints, many of which are emotional. It is a particular remedy where the person’s emotional state is just as important as the physical condition they are suffering from.

Ignatia amara comes from a small tree/shrub in the Phillipine Islands and China. Spanish Jesuit monks named and brought them to Europe in the seventeenth century when it was discovered that they were worn as protection against disease and could be used to combat asthma, gout, epilepsy and even cholera.

Ignatia amara tree seeds contain a large amount of strychnine and as such, this remedy (while it is the bean, rather than the seed, care is taken) is one that you would consult a professional before using.

Below is a list of issues Ignatia amara can help but they are specific, so a description of each symptom (where necessary) is included. If, for example, you have fever where the there is no thirst with chills, then Ignatia amara may not be necessary for this condition.

Physical complaints

Cough – where it is dry, irritating, racking, short and/or violent and is accompanied by pain in the chest (which is stitching), and a tickle in the throat. Often feels like you have swallowed dust and suppressing the cough can help – the more you cough, the worse it gets (this will help diagnose need for Ignatia amara). If the symptoms are there, some cases of whooping cough and croup can be helped with this remedy.

Fever – When accompanied by a thirst and chills and feels worse when covered with anything warm. Will be thirsty in chilled phase, rather than in the hot/feverish phase (this is a sign for using Ignatia amara).

Headache – where the pain is in the forehead and pains are stabbing/violent. These tend to be nervous headaches that are slow to start but stop suddenly. Usually worse for being in a smokey room and emotional upset is what often sets them off.

Indigestion – where the belly feels empty and burps are sour. Feels better for belching and is often caused by grief.

Sore throat – where pains are stitching and there is a feeling of a lump in throat, or choking sensation. Swallowing helps and liquids more difficult to swallow than solids (another Ignatia indication).

Other issues

Shock – when from an emotional trauma/loss.

Insomnia – after being told off/upset (take Ignatia in the morning or it will increase insomnia).

Grief – where grieving silently and ill health results. Also, when a woman miscarries.

Emotional shock – where suppression of feelings occurs to the point where they develop hysterical

As with all homeopathic remedies, it is a good idea to confer with a specialist, with a professional homeopath who can take any conventional medications into account but this is especially the case with Ignatia amara.

In homeopathy the physical and the emotional state/mentality of the patient is considered. Some remedies may suit a symptom but not a person’s character. Ignatia amara is a very good remedy for people suffering from loss, grief, a miscarriage, very frightened or upset children, people who are homesick and a wide range of other issues. It is also very good for coughs and fevers, headaches and insomnia.

This remedy is a little too specific to be added to your first aid kit but is a wonderful, beneficial remedy if it is prescribed by a professional.

If you are interested in homeopathy, why not read my article on Samuel Hahnemann, Sepia and Arnica.


The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro


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