Identity Guard Vs Lifelock Vs Identity Force: Which ID Protection is Best?

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Identity Guard has unique features aimed at protecting children, so parents will certainly want to look there first. LifeLock is one of the better choices for constant vigilance, since they have a feature that practically checks every transaction you do o

The Internet age is bringing a lot postivie changes to life, but also many dangers . For example, all of the extra information available now is vulnerable to hackers who can use it to steal your identity. This is why a lot of savvy individuals have taken their protection into their own hands, by heading off such thieves beforehand. Instead of potentially losing thousands of dollars to Internet thieves who steal your info and spend money in your name, you can use one of these identity protection kits to stay safe ahead of time.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is put out by Intersections Inc., which has been going for a decade and a half at this point. They started out giving basic credit scores and monitoring, and now they help you protect financial info, public records, personal data, PC data and a bunch more besides.


-Proactive Searching- Instead of waiting for bad news to get out which will leave you a step behind the thieves, Internet Guard actively looks for activities that indicate that something might be amiss with your accounts. The monitoring includes everything associated with you on the Internet, as well as public records and anything else. You’ll be alerted as soon as something is found.

-KidSure-This feature monitors computers, online chats, mobile devices, school assignments, social networks, sports teams, documents for travel and so on to make sure no one is trying to use your children’s information for bad purposes. After all, their credit scores can be affected by it one day as well.

-1 Million Dollar Identity Theft Insurance

-Credit Reports/Scores

PC Security Software (this is available with “Platinum”)

-2 Week Free Trial


-kIdSure not included with basic plan. You need platinum.


Lifelock boasts 5 different approaches to identity protection, including identity monitoring, active scanning for identity threat, and active response to any identity theft action, a service guarantee and constant credit score tracking. The service has a simple button choice between “Yes this was me,” and “No, this wasn’t me!” for each alert that pops up. This way, as soon as you hit the red button to indicate that something such as your bank account changing wasn’t you, Lifelock can action immediately to help you right wrongs.


-24/7 Access to Monthly TransUnion Score

-Daily Monitoring of credit bureau reports

-Constant Chat Support Available

-“Yes or No” Button System lets nothing through- Anytime any sort of major change occurs in your account, such as asking for more credit, Lifelock will ask you whether you iniated it or not. If you choose “No,” then action occurs right away.


-If you do a lot of banking, constant checks can be annoying.

Identity Force

Identity force has a wide number of approaches to identity protection, including plans focused on Merchants and Enterprises, which is pretty unique.


-14 Day free trial

-#1 Provider of Identity protection for U.S. government

-Identity Force Seals for Cash Registers-Merchants can put these at registers and above entrances to help dissuade identity thieves from trying to practice their “profession” at your store.

-Customized Web-training for Employees

-Specialized Solutions- Identity Force has different solutions depending on your needs. For example, there are different solutions for;

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Healthcare
  • Colleges and Schools

-Constant Monitoring of Over 70 Different elements for Theft and Fraud Detection

-Delete Your Info from Internet Directories


-Some people report problems with refunds.

Cost Comparison

Identity Guard- $14-$25/month

Lifelock: $10-$25

Identity Force: $14.95-$19.95/month

So Which Do I Want?

Do It Yourself- If you want a more active role in the process, then Identity Force certainly provides this with letting you monitor and delete info from databases yourself.

LeakProof Protection- The “Yes or No” button from LifeLock makes it pretty unlikely that any transaction happening online will fall beneath your notice.

Think of the Children- Identity Guard lets you add identify protection for your kids as well as yourself to plans pretty easily. After all, a lot of kids don’t yet know how to be properly safe online so they could be bigger targets.


More and more, every day on the news we are hearing of security breaches and hacking of all of our banking information. Recently, there was a huge breach of the credit reporting agency, Equifax, which could have affected 143 million Americans. And that is only the most recent, other reports of hacking and security breaches have occurred at stores like Whole Foods, Yahoo, and many others.

The threats don’t stop with all the stores we shop at, the credit reporting agencies, or banks we use. There are also what are called skimmers at gas pumps, and people with scanners that can read your cards in your wallet or purse.

It does pay to get protection of all of your banking accounts and credit card accounts.

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Posted on Feb 14, 2014