Ideal Qualities of a Good Employee

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Having all the qualities of a great employee can enhance your chances of landing a reputable job or receiving a promotion.

• Shows loyalty by speaking good things about his fellow employees, the nature of his job and the entire workplace. More importantly, he doesn’t disclose important and confidential issues with anyone who is not connected with the company or is not authorized to know.

• Possesses a strong work ethics by working hard despite of some difficult challenges that he encounters along the way.

• Knowledgeable when it comes to computer operation. Computer knowhow such as word processing and the use of email is essential in today’s business world.

• Optimistic and cheerful with a “can do” attitude.

• Works honestly and with integrity. He knows that the company is paying for his time for a whole day’s work and in return, he likewise gives a full day’s excellent performance. He sets aside phone calls for break time only. Also, when he borrows office supplies or other employees’ belongings, he sees to it that he always ask their permission.

• Possesses excellent verbal and written skills. He knows how to accurately and clearly express his thoughts both in speaking and in writing. He is skillful in formulating good sentence structure, making reports and writing essays.

• His love and enthusiasm for work reflects in his punctuality. Always, he arrives on time at work and returns to work after break on time as well.

• Skillful in problem solving and analysis. Employers value employees who show creativity in solving problems and those who don’t shy away from new responsibilities.

• Knows how to get along with other employees. He displays a likable personality by being friendly, kind and approachable. In this aspect grooming is also very important. He makes sure that he comes to work neat and clean, had showered, with hair combed and had used deodorant.

• Able to blend and work with a team of different people with different personalities toward the accomplishment of the company’s goals and visions. He likewise shows willingness and eagerness to listen to his teammate’s suggestions and ideas.

• A self-starter. He possesses an initiative to do the things that he must do without waiting for someone else to remind him of the tasks that he is supposed to do.

• He is flexible and shows eagerness to get involved in other projects. He has the ability to easily adjust to new task and tough responsibilities. In other words, he can quickly understand and learn new things.