Hungryroot vs Veestro vs Vegin' Out: Price, Quality & Selection Compared

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Hungry root is an effective choice if you like buying ingredients specifically such as sauces. They also have fast preparation times. Veestro has high-end gourmet meals for vegans and you can buy in packages. Vegin’ Out puts a lot of effort into shippin

Having some easy ways to get the food you want in an eatable form fast can often go a long way to making your life easier. Here are a few examples.


Hungryroot is focused on delivering vegetables that help you eat more healthy. The catch phrase they use here is “skillet-ready” foods. This means that you can make the meals you get quickly this way.


  • $10 Off First Order-A window comes up when you first get to the site. It allows you to add in your email and get money off the first order that you make. This is in the form of a coupon code, so make sure that you check your email and use the code there when you checkout on the site.
  • Preparation Time Only 7 Minutes-The fast preparation time will mean that you can get eating with less hassle and time wasted.
  • Preservative-free Packaging for 10 Days-This is called NATUREFRESH according to the website. The idea is to make everything still taste crunchy and as 100% fresh as possible for up to 10 days without poisoning your body with preservatives.
  • Non-GMO-The service also focuses on keeping things healthy by current standards, which means using non-GMO foods that are sourced locally, that don’t have gluten in them, and that are under 500 calories each.


The service for Veestro focuses on plant-based stuff exclusively. There are quite a lot of options for foods you can buy and make here including many different cleanses. This is a good site for cleanses if this is your thing. Veestro also has a rewards program you can access in the green rectangle in the bottom left corner of these site where 5,000 points is worth 20% off.


  • 100% Plant-based-The ingredients on the site claim that they are 100% plant-based, organic, and non-GMO, going a bit further than other sites.
  • Meal-packs-If you don’t want to buy individual ingredients, there are a lot of bigger mealpacks such as the Starter Pack which goes for $100, or the 21-day Kickstart plan which goes for $189.
  • Variety of Cleanses-You can get a 5-day or 3-day juice cleanse, which is completely organic and plant-based just like the rest of the stuff on Veestro.


Vegin’ Out

This site specifically refers to itself as a “vegan meal delivery service.” It specifically caters to SoCal.


  • Refer a Friend Program for $25-If you get a friend to site up through the site, you can get $25 for your trouble provided they actually buy something.
  • Dry-Ice Delivery-If you want your shipping company to go to great lengths to ensure freshness, then Vegin’ Out is a good bet. This is because they will actually take all of the air out of the bag your food comes in to try and preserve its quality. In some cases, they will even add dry ice for this effect as well.
  • High Yelp Reviews-Yelp tends to be a strong source of gauging the quality of a place for many, and Vegin’ Out gets dozens of 5-star reviews there.

Head to Head


You can get free shipping for orders over $40 on Hungryroot, and an example of a single ingredient you can get is sweet potato cacao mousse which goes for $14 for a 12 ounce container.  Another packaged container you get for skillet cooking is the Daikon Noodles with Korean Scallion Gochujang which goes for $12 if you also get the roasted tofu.

The 5-day cleanse from Veestro gives you 30 drinks for just $189. The free shipping option means that you have to spend at least $200 or so if you don’t want to spend extra on the shipping.

Vegin’ Out has a bit of a limited delivery area if you want it shipped to you fast, preferring to focus on SoCal, they do ship nationwide, however. The prices can be higher too. For example, the Single Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal order is $190 for out of state shipping. It provides as many as 10 vegan dishes per week.  

Overall, you’re definitely going to get better value for delivery from Hungryroot over Veestro, since Hungryroot only requires $40 for free shipping whereas Veestro costs $200.They offer individual ingredients too like the Soba Needles with Peanut sauce which is somewhat similar to what Hungryroot offers, but a bit more expensive, by at least a dollar or two.

Quality and Selection

Examples of the selection on Hungryroot includes carrot noodles, celery root noodles, and just about every other type of noodle you can imagine. The main page lets you search between “see all,” “meals”, “sides,” and “sweets,” do you won’t be hurting for selection. The quality of the service is ensured by Freshdirect and AmazonFresh, and there’s also full ingredient lists and information in accordance with the FDA.

You can select foods on Veestro either through the “A La Carte” menu or the various packages they have available such as the Juice packs or the 21-day kickstart packs. Individual option for variation includes Thai Chick’n Stew, Soba Noodles Red Curry and Tofu, and many others. The emphasis still seems on meals even in A La Carte mode, whereas Veestro has a lot more one-off ingredients and sauces. Veestro gets strong reviews online, in the upper 4 stars range on at least some reviews, with people lauding the quality of the Red Curry with Tofu and the Savory Croquettes.

Vegin’ Out gets high reviews online in terms of quality. There are many 5 star reviews in areas like Yelp, for example. The variety does seem to be a bit less than with other companies, but it still includes Penne in Pink with Vodka Sauce, Aromatic Basmati Pilaf, and skinny rice noodle. This menu appears to change over frequently since there’s a menu for one particular day in October when you visit the main site in order to look around.

Overall, Hungryroot says they focus on plant-based stuff by calling themselves “vegetable-centric” but they don’t make claims like “100% plant-based” like what Veestro does. 


Atika Kh
Posted on Aug 21, 2016
Atika Kh
Posted on Aug 21, 2016