How to Write a Short Story, Convert It to a Poem then Integrate with Healing Music

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It is about the Art, Music and Poem Therapies. It guides about how to write our thoughts and feelings. Then make it a short story. The story can be easily converted into a poem. Thanks!

In the modern age, we face many mood disorders. Art Therapy can heal it. Poem Therapy works similarly to Music Therapy. You see, the mood plays such a role in our life that all modes of our reactivity and reflectivity gets in touch with the sensitive and sensible crests and troughs of our emotions. We have the touch and taste of commonly accepted nine types of mood, say, anguish (agony, gloomy), laughter (pleasure, joy, and happiness), bravery (courage), anger etc. We find that everyone reacts in such a way today that we sometimes fail to see what kind of mode was leading to the other eight modes.

When one laughs, we feel as if he or she is crying. This kind of preoccupied mind reflects that the mode in the mood of laughter (joy) is having influence from anguish or agony.

We can write what we think and feel. It can be put to poetry as we take an example about how we can do it.

One poet beautifully said to his friend that what was being hidden was a smile so prominent that it seemed to hide a big anguish. Our sitting in peace reminds us whether the tears were of joy or sorrow. Without having peace of mind and self-awareness so evolved let us accept and understand that everyone pretends to hide until we accept him or her as he or she is.

Pretending is a sign that we do not have the feelings of oneness, unity and love towards the one who seems to be a pretender.

If someone pretends, it is our fault, the pretender always need love, togetherness, relatedness, oneness and the feelings related to these of unity of human relations. It is an attempt to save one's individuality, creativity and originality. Ask a wise one why his or her smile is so deep. If we sit alone with peace of mind, we will find the meaning of such depths of our mood.

The stories and poems are like flowers of the sea plant called mood. Our reactive mind is like a sea where this plant of mood survives, grows and when gets the proper meaning of living gives us the beautiful flowers of both kind—the creative ones and the analytical ones.

We can keep the seeds of this flower alive only in the storehouse of peace and harmony. In this book, an attempt is to express the stories behind the modes of creative moodiness of poetic flowers.

When stories seem to go beyond the words, the mood turns its mode to become poetry. Poetry is expression of melodies of moodiness; it is not analysis, it is creativity. However, for grasping the stories we may need to have analytical creativity because stories convey the words whereas poetry does so by conveying the meanings.

We find in our daily life that we try to control both our own mood and that of the others. It seems that we are getting towards better human life. We may need to reflect whether we need to control or direct our moods. Like a drop of water, mood needs maximum energy of peace. It does not seem possible without having harmony with our own self, others and thus Mother Nature.

It does not matter whether we call Mother Nature or Father Nature or God because such analysis is not out of our self-awareness. We have he, she and it in us. No one is perfect male or female. What we eat, drink and take as well as parts of our body seems “it”; which further is converted into he or she parts of our body. Is not it beauty of our being considering this “it” with creatively analytical mind?

Let us take an example how we can do it.

An Example of How to Write Prose or short story about what we think and feel:

He was blamed for making big claims. He himself did not know about his big claims until he saw an ant; she was working 20 times harder and better than him. He felt ashamed but realized that what the ant claims is better than his claims.

How we interact with our thoughts and emotions metaphysically, mystically and metaphorically gives us a poem based on our prose or short story: He felt as if the ant wanted to tell him saying:

I claim

Like a perfect idea.

Perhaps! I am

Foolish or innocent

But there is always

Possibility in my claims

For I consider

The power of

The whole universe

But not human power,

I think about


To its highest radiance

For there is divine one, who

Gives the touch

To perfection

That is what we can claim

As a humble friend

 To others as you are.

We can write anything with some thoughts and feelings as facts based on our experiences. I hope you will write a short story, then a poem or poem in the prose way. It heals us, particularly our moods. Let us make our personal diary work for us as a pocket doctor - healing without drugs!

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Thanks for your reading it!