How to Use Your Mobile Phone Effectively

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A mobile phone is not only omnipresent but also an essential part of our life. You're already taking it around with you everywhere, why not use it productively and acquire the most out of it.

In this technology world today, a mobile phone is not only omnipresent but also an essential part of our life. Most of us can hardly imagine how to live without it. There are all sorts of mobile phones available which could bring everything into our hands. You can listen to your favorite songs on your mobile phone, capture moments of your life, check email, watch movies, create videos, and the list goes on.

So I want to share with you certain ways that can help you to use it productively and acquire the most out of it. I don't want to discuss the entertainment quotient of a mobile phone but instead some basic and useful features that would help yourself to better manage your life through your mobile phone.

1. Call and message. Of course, as the basic feature of a mobile phone, you could not avoid it. This is the reason to the existence of mobile phone, which makes us productive by helping us to communicate in the fastest way possible. Of course, a mobile phone is definitely much more than calling and messaging today, but when talking about productivity through a mobile phone, this still has to be the most useful function.

2. Record ideas. As we know, an idea can change your life. That is absolutely true. You get a bright idea, but you don't have a pen and paper to write, use your mobile phone to record it before it is eliminated from your brain. You can type in your ideas or use the touch pad, and you can even just record your voice, which is much easier and time saving.

3. Track progress. Whether it is an exercise program, a diet, or money saving, we all have aims that we are working hard on. Why not use our mobile phone to track the progress of these things instead of relying on our inefficient memory.

4. Pay bills. Now I'm studying in Hong Kong, which is one of the world's fastest growing mobile phone markets. Nearly all the companies that provide mobile phone service allow us to pay our bills or credit card through our mobile phone. It's a very nice feature and if it is accessible to you, you should apply for it.

5. Set reminders. You just call up that you have to return that book to the library tomorrow. Will you remember? Use your mobile phone to set up a reminder right now rather than take a chance. It's a busy life and there are too many chances you may forget your task tomorrow in the hustle and bustle of your life.

6. Use Google Mobile. Google Mobile is a superior set of products of Google for your mobile phone and you should definitely give it a try. It serves to make you get the maximum out of your mobile phone and further enhances your effective usage of your phone.

7. Awaken alarm. It is the most simple but useful function of mobile phones and almost all the mobile phones have this feature now. If you don't have a watch or alarm clock, your mobile phone is the best alternative. Of course, you can also use your mobile phone alarm supplement with your normal alarm clock, which are more reliable to wake you up.

8. Back up contacts. It is convenient to back up your contacts and other important things in your mobile phone. But you must remember, as a backup, your mobile phone cannot be the only storage of this important information. You shouldn't completely depend on it. Otherwise, once you lose it, you will have to cry over the lost information than the device itself. You also must remember to set a password to keep your information secure.

Now you can start to make the most of your mobile phone and find out more yourselves. You're already taking it around with you everywhere, why not use it productively!


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