How to Use Sevin Dust For Cats With Fleas

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Fleas are a common nuisance for dogs and cats. Various treatments are available to safely kill fleas and other parasites. Seviin dust, when used properly, can work to help your cat find relief from this pesky parasite.

Fleas are a big threat when we have pets. They can cause anemia and the spread of tapeworms. Many flea control methods are available for dogs, cats, the home and yard. In order to get rid of your flea problem with your cat, the pet as well as its habitat should be treated. However, cats can be more delicate beings than most dogs and cannot tolerate many of the insecticide remedies. Sevin dust is a safe alternative that can be used for the entire home and yard, and can be used to carefully and harmlessly treat your cat to get rid of fleas.

Begin your flea treatment process by shampooing your cat with a mild flea shampoo that is safe for your feline. Your veterinarian or pet store staff can advise you on the right product to use. Create a really rich lather and leave the shampoo on the cat for at least five minutes before thoroughly rinsing. (Please note, as a special tip, dish soap also works well in place of a flea shampoo, letting it set for the five minutes before rinsing.)

Remove your cat from the bath and towel-dry thoroughly. Comb through your it’s fur with a small-tooth flea comb to extract any fleas.

Wear rubber gloves to dust a small amount of Sevin dust in your hands and massage it well into the coat of your cat. Sevin dust contains carbaryl, and cats tend to be less sensitive to this product than insecticides with pyrethrins. Be cautious around the cat’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Treat the home and yard with the Sevin dust according to label instructions once every week until the flea infestation is over. It will be important to vacuum often as well, remove and wash all scatter rugs and treat the pets’ bedding and other items that may be affected by the flea problem.

When you feel the flea problem is remedied, repeat with shampoo and a flea comb to be sure no more fleas are on your cat.

If your cat has a flea problem, be sure to call your veterinarian before using Sevin dust or any other pesticide product on your cat, and apply only as directed. Since cats tend to lick themselves, a safer pesticide may be prescribed. It is important to treat your cat as your vet instructs you to do so for the safest remedy when affected by fleas or any other parasites.