How to Use Hair Vitamins to Increase Libido and Sex Drive

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A minimal amount of zinc not only helps skin problems, and hair loss problems it also helps increase libido. 90% of hair vitamins on the market contain biotin, and zinc. Zinc can be taken in pill form or absorbed by mouth by eating certain foods such as oysters, beans, and nuts.

Can a woman or man take a hair pill to increase their sex drive, instead of eating the mentioned foods? Yes, by taking the hair vitamin pill it will give you proper growth of the hair, cells, stimulation of the scalp, and also an increase with the libido.

The hair vitamin manufacturers are not going to tell you the side effect of taking the vitamins with zinc can cause an increase in libido, because one they either don’t know, or two they are more hyped about people losing their hair.

Think about it, if all the companies like Viagra, Provestra, and Aricept knew about hair vitamins that contain zinc help with a woman or man’s sex drive everyone will be out of market except for the hair vitamin companies.

Our bodies need a certain amount of zinc a day. I would say 8mg for a woman and 11-15 mg for a man. Look for a hair vitamin that has a sufficient amount of biotin, Vitamin C, E, K, and rose hips. This will give you a boost of energy, and help with any other skin or hair problems you are facing.

A great hair vitamin to look for is called Ultra Hair.

You will get 5mg of zinc per tablet, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biotin, PABA, Rose hips, rice bran, safflower oil, folic acid, Thiammine, Riboflavin, calcium, silica, and Saw Palmetto. This hair vitamin can be found either online, beauty supply store, or at a local health food store. The bottle should cost you no more than $10, and last at least 2 months.

Since your body needs time to adapt to the new vitamin, you should start seeing results after 2 months. Don’t stop the vitamin just because you're not seeing any results. Everything takes time, patience, and proper adjustments. Make sure you take the vitamin before breakfast or before bed time. This way it will be easier for you to remember each day.

Do not go over the zinc dosage or it can result in other health issues. Eating proper foods added to the vitamin will give you quicker results.

More Natural Way to Get More Zinc and Increase Libido and Sex drive include:

Pumpkin seeds have been called the ultimate sex mineral because of the amount of zinc they contain. Studies have shown that both men and women that have a higher sex drive, have higher levels of testosterone. Pumpkin seeds with all of that zinc have an enzyme that blocks testosterone from being converted to estrogen.


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