How to Use Epsom Salt to Get out Splinters and Stingers

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How to get a splinter out using Epsom salt. How to get a stinger out using Epsom salt.

Recently I had a splinter in one of my fingers on my right hand.  Since I am right handed getting it out was very difficult and it was in pretty deep.  I figured there must be some way to get the splinter to come out more so that I could pull it out more easily so I hit the internet for some answers.  Surprisingly there was very little info out there but I finally stumbled on a post where someone said that Epsom salts would bring the splinter to the surface.  Luckily I had some and sure enough it worked. The splinter did indeed come to the surface and I was able to easily pull it out. This miracle splinter remover made me want to find out what else I could use Epsom salt for. First things first how did I get that nasty splinter out. 

Getting a Splinter Out Using Epsom Salts

First I used a large mixing bowl.  I filled the mixing bowl up with room temperature water and added 3/4 cups of Epsom salts.  I then lightly stirred the salt in the water.  Then I soaked hand in the mixture for about 10 minutes.  After that the splinter was at the surface and I was able to pull it out easily with the tweezers. 

Getting Stingers Out Using Epsom Salts

Shortly after my splinter episode one of my kids stepped on a bee.  The bee stung her foot when she stepped on it leaving the stinger deeply imbedded in her foot.  She was screaming in agony from the pain.  She needed me to get the splinter out but the foot hurt so badly that having me touch it while trying to get the stinger out was agonizing for her.  Then I remembered the splinter and the Epsom salt and though why wouldn't the Epsom salt work on a stinger as well. 

Since it was a foot this time which is a little bigger then a hand I thoroughly washed out my dish pan and filled it half way with slightly warm water I then added in 1 cup of Epsom salt and stirred it up a bit.  My daughter soaked her foot for 10 minutes in the solution.  She felt relief almost immediately from the sting and sure enough after 10 minutes the stinger had come to surface and I was able to pull it out easily on the first try.  The bonus was that all of her pain from the sting was gone as well. 

Epsom salt can be drying to the skin so after you are healed be sure to give your skin a little nourishment with a good lotion. 


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