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How to Use Dreams to Your Advantage

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Dreams are not just dreams and products of the imagination. You can use dreams to your advantage if you know how.

Have you ever had a dream that felt like it really happened that you woke up wondering if it really happened? Many people believe in the power of dreams. Psychologists believe that dreams are connected to real life situations in the life of the dreamer or the people close to the dreamer.

When we sleep, we dream. And dreaming is sometimes the product of our imaginations and the things we often think and do. Sometimes we dream of our activities and the things we cannot accomplish. But more importantly; dreams could be signs and warnings of a future event or incident that sometimes we do not expect to happen.

Dreams could be warnings of a coming conflict or disaster in our lives. It could be also a sign of success in the future. When we close our eyes at night and go to sleep we must always say a prayer in order for us to have pleasant dreams and avoid those nightmares.

Dreams could have different meanings and could be used at your advantage.

Here are some common dreams and their meanings that could help you interpret your own dreams to your advantage.

Green Robust Plants

Dreaming of green plants could mean a good outcome of whatever you have done. The green color is related to good luck and everything pleasant. If you are waiting for a new to come to you and you dream of green robust plants and provided that the leaves are healthy and not withered, this means that good results are expected. If the plants have withered leaves then you have to prepare yourself to accept whatever result things may bring to you. Although withered leaves are not pure bad luck, there will be flaws that are coming in your life. Don’t just sit down and wait, instead get ready to face the situation and move on with life.

Clear Waters

Dreaming of clear waters indicates a good time to push through with your plans. You can open that business you had been planning for a long time or if you like betting in lotteries, you can try your luck. Clear waters signify good times ahead. Don’t wait for that good luck to come to you, do something because this is a good time to start a new venture in life.

Climbing and Being Able to Reach the Top

This means you will be successful with your plans. A good example is when you are aspiring to be promoted in your job, wait for a few days and you will surely get that promotion. Strive hard so that your dream will be fulfilled.

Harvesting Crops

The meaning of this dream depends on what kind of product you have harvested for if you have harvested crops that are not in good condition, it could mean a result or outcome that is not very satisfactory. If you are planning to do something, postpone it for a while to let the bad days pass first. Otherwise, keep going because things will be fine.

Meeting People Who are Happy and Pleasant

This means you will have a fine day at work or anywhere you go. If you are on to something the next day when you dreamed of this, go for it and you will find a good result. Happy faces depict good days ahead.


If you are crying in your sleep, it indicates good news coming. Don't be sad as this has an opposite meaning in real life. It is better to cry in your dream than laugh or smile because dreaming of sadness becomes the opposite in real life. Although this is not always true, most cases bring good results.

Excessive Happiness

This could be bad news. Don't go with a plan as it might not get a good result. Excessive happiness in dreams is not good. The opposite usually happens in real life situations. Be careful with whatever plans you make.

Murky waters and Withered Plants

These are not good dreams. If you are planning something, don't push through with it. Wait a few days before pursuing your plans. If you want to avoid misunderstandings around you, stay calm and say the right words before you will be sorry in the end. Mud and murky water are often related to misunderstandings. Guard your mouth and avoid meddling in other people’s affairs.

Walking in Muddy Waters and Bad Roads

These are signs of misunderstandings. Avoid going into arguments as it may lead to troubles in your part. This is similar to murky waters and withered plants.

Losing Any Article

This dream is not a good sign. Plans must be postponed and as much as possible, keep away from any troubles. It is better to be safe than be sorry in the end. This is a warning for a bad event coming.

Being Bitten by a Snake or a Dog

Someone is aiming or planning to hurt or ruin you. Be careful with the people around you. This is a warning about maligning, betrayal and bad mouthing. Be careful and always stay cool.

Sharp Objects

Any sharp objects in dreams depict bad omen. Although the problems will be slight, sharp objects in dreams mean small troubles coming. Be on guard and be careful.

Dreams are interpreted differently but all the same, when you have pleasant dreams they mean good results in your undertakings and unpleasant dreams mean worries, and problems. If you know how to interpret dreams you could have precautions in your day to day life.

Warning: These meanings have no scientific basis so if you are not a believer of dreams then just treat this article as something to read and have fun.


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