How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800/i5801 OS to Android 2.6 (Rooted)

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This is a guide on how to upgrade the OS of Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800/i5801 to Android 2.6 OS.

Android 2.6 is an Android system that is blazing fast, blazing nice, and supports live wallpapers. Today I will show you how to manually upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800/i5801. This is a custom ROM so you might sometimes have some force closes issue. However, DO NOT worry, that is only if you haev not installed the ROM correctly.

WARNING! Before you upgrade your phone, backup everything in your phone that you do not want to lose as the upgrading will wash away (delete) EVERYTHING in your phone, EXCEPT the contents in your SD card and SIM card. Back up your information, contacts, apps, messaging or whatsoever that you want to keep to your SD card and SIM card. (some backup programmes are AndroZip Pro, MyBackupPro. You can search online for these programmes. You can use rooted programmes as your phone will be rooted after the upgrade and you MUST install back those programmes to restore the backup database). This upgrading will also brick/root your phone and remove the warranty on your phone. Think twice before continuing. F.Y.I you will be able to un-root it next time.

What’s in the ROM?

- Custom blue theme

- Superuser app (rooted app)

- Kernel Android 2.6 system


You will have to install this ROM on your samsung galaxy 3. Currently your samsung galaxy 3 is running Android 2.2 ROM or android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM. Once you install the Android 2.6 ROM. The ROM is also COMPLETELY ROOTED, allowing you to have complete access to all the features on your phone.


Computer X 1

Your Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800/i5801) phone

PC USB cable (to connect your phone to your computer)

Software required (samsung kies, Odin)

User must have some basic computer and phone knowledge

How to install the ROM

- Download the flashing tools (tools to install the ROM into your phone) here:

- Download the ROM (indroid 3.0 honeycomb remix) here:

- Download Samsung Kies if you don’t have it on your computer yet.

- After downloading the 3 items stated above, open up Odin

- Press the "Reset Files" button.

- Press the OPS button on the right side of the Odin Window and select the apollo_0531.ops from the downloaded files

- USe Winzip, WinRAR or 7Zip to Unzip the downloaded files and extract the ROM (the ROM is in .tar extension) Do NOT UNZIP THE TAR FILE BECAUSE THE TAR FILE IS WHAT YOU NEED.

- Select the "One Package Button from the ‘Images to Download Panel’ and select the Indroid….. .tar file "

- On the Options Panel in the Odin Window, check the boxes (one package, auto reboot and protect OPS) Make sure reset time is UNCHECKED


- Connect your Samsung Galaxy 3 to your computer using the USB cable and go to download mode in your phone. (how to go to download mode. When your phone is off, press the ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Home’ + ‘Power’ keys IN - ORDER and HOLD THEM DOWN until you see the "Downloading" page)

- In Odin, once you have connected your phone to your computer and set it to download mode, look at the "Message" place. It will show that your phone is connected. If it doesn’t show that, it means you don’t have Samsung Kies installed.

- In Odin you will also see 8 big boxes on top and below the first box there is this "COM Port Mapping" and below this "COM port mapping" there is a rectangular box. At this moment, it must show "1 (COM..)" and the box must be in yellow color.

- Next, press the "START" button.

- This process might take up to 7 mins to complete. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB CABLE OR YOU WILL BE SERIOUSLY SCREWED. Your phone will auto-reboot during this process. Wait until you see a "PASS" in the big square box in the Odin Window, on top of the "COM Port Mapping".

- Wait for your phone to start up. It will show a pop-up asking you to choose your default home screen application. "Tw Launcher" or "LauncherPro". I recommend selecting the "TW Launcher" as that is the default home screen launcher.

- After this, you will go to the HOME SCREEN! AND YOU ARE DONE! Check out some features like the Live Wallpapers, etc.

- You will also have a new app called the "SuperUser" this new App tells you that your phone is rooted.

YOU’RE DONE!!! You have upgraded your phone OS to Android 2.6.


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