How to Unplug a Toilet

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How to unclog a toilet. How to break up a serious clog in your toilet.

Nobody wants a clogged toilet. A clogged toilet can cause dirty water to spill all over your bathroom. Usually a clogged toilet is just a minor problem and can be fixed relatively easily by using a plunger.

To use a plunger place the suction cup of the plunger directly over the hole in the toilet drain. Without lifting the plunger suction cup off of the drain, pump it up and down 11 times. Then on the 11th time swiftly pull the plunger up and off of the drain, this will usually do the trick but you may need to repeat it.

If you have plunged a few times and the water has still not gone down you may have a more serious problem, it could be that there is something stuck that is keeping the water from going down and you will need to work that through the clog and push it down so the water can once again flow freely.

Before you proceed any further, turn off the water to the toilet by shutting the valve behind it.

It may be something close to the drain. You will first need to get all of the water out of the toilet and since you can’t flush it that means removing it by hand, using a cup or something that you don’t mind getting rid of and pouring all of the water in to a bucket. You should then give the toilet a good cleaning. To see inside of the drain use a compact mirror and tilt it to the correct angle to look inside of the drain, you may need to shine a flash light on the mirror to see better. If it is something close enough to the surface you can try to pull it out with tweezers, or even by hand if there is no danger of getting your hand caught.

If you cannot see the obstruction you will need to get something called a Closet Auger. A closet auger has an expandable wire on it that can get in to the grooves of the toilet drain. To use the auger place the auger bend in the bottom of the toilet drain opening; push the auger cable in to the trap. Crank the auger handle clockwise to get the cable past the trap. If you cannot turn it pull it back a little and try again. When you feel that the auger has hit the clog move it around from side to side until it is able to block up the clog and the pieces of the clog go down.

Closet Auger

If Toilet is Flushing but Bowl is Not Clearing Out After Fushing

If you are flushing the toilet and the water is going down fine, but there seems to be a lot of debris left on the sides of the toilet or a lot of accumulation is appearing around the under edges of the toilet it could be that you have blocked siphon hole. A siphon hole is a hole at the top of the toilet bowl that water comes out of to help clean out the toilet after you flush. To fix this problem just take an old wire coat hanger and straighten out, then poke it through the hole a few times to clean out anything that me be stuck in there. Then give the underside of the toilet a good cleaning, and poke again. Flush right away to rinse everything out.


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